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Griffon Motors London

16 Upper St. Martin's Lane, London WC

Griffon Motors of London was a subsidiary of the French firm. From 1903 to 1906 motorcycles with 2¾ and 3 hp Zedel engines were marketed.

Rey and Pratt
(Stand 70).

An exceedingly good exhibit of Griffon motor cycles is to be found on this stand, no less than five models being shown. The chief speciality for this season is the 2½ h.p. model, bore and stroke 75 by 80 mm. which is sold to the public at a very moderate price. The most interesting part of the Griffon machine is the method of driving the contact breaker... magneto as the case may be. In the 2 to 1 gear case are two bevelled pinions and on the larger of these inclined planes are cut which serve the purpose of cams and operate inlet and exhaust valves The ends of the tappets an provided with rollers. The contact breaker is carried horizontally above the engine, and is in a most accessible position, and is driven by means of a cardan shaft.

The other models shown consist of a 3½ h.p. single-cylinder, 80 mm by 90, and a 5 h.p. twin-cylinder, with magneto (75 by 80), and a 3½ h.p. twin-cylinder, also with magneto ignition, bore and stroke 67 by 70. The light-weight model I¼ h.p., 64 by 68, which is also to be found here, makes its first appearance in England at the Stanley Show It is provided with a reducing gear which allows the belt pulleys to be more equalised in size than is the usual case, thus reducing the wear the belt.

In all the Griffon machines shown "ZL" engines and carburetters are fitted. The latter is interesting, in that a spring plunger is provided for pushing through the jet in the event of an obstruction being suspected. Two brakes are provided, one being fitted in rather an unusual position, viz., on the big gear wheel of the reduction gear. The spring forks fitted to these machines are particularly well designed, and cannot allow of any side play. The lightweight, since its introduction, has distinguished itself in winning the Auto Cycle Club de France Cup having gained the highest marks for reliability and speed.

Stanley Show 1907

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