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Griffon Motorcycles 1919

Griffon details, 1919 Model

Leaf springs are used for the Griffon forks. Inset, a diagram of the rear springing.


A 3 h.p. twin two-speed, with chain and belt drive, a 3½ h.p. single (ZL engine), single geared, and a 6 h.p. twin (Anzani engine), with Sturmey-Archer gear comprise the models displayed on the Griffon stand.

The 6 h.p. machine is the most interesting, having a very neat spring frame and forks. The rear part of the frame is pivoted behind the gear box, and the shocks are taken by a long leaf spring anchored to the base of the saddle tube. The rear portion of the frame is stiffened by an auxiliary down tube, on the lines of the new Clyno. A fork similar to the Druid is employed, but its action is controlled by a leaf spring lying parallel to the head and curved over at the top.

Staggered side by side valves are a feature of the Anzani engine fitted to this machine, the motor being a commendable piece of work.

The Motor Cycle, October 1919

Paris Salon, 1919

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