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History of Victoria Motorcycles

Founded in 1886, Victoria built bicycles and began motorcycle manufacture in Nuremberg in 1901. Early models were fitted with Fafnir engines

In the first years of the 20th century also they built automobiles, though without success. During WWI they produced mostly small motorcycles and bicycles, and postwar the business blossomed.
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ccautomobilesa at
Hi: I saw your site in the internet. Here are the 2 Victoria’s that I own.
Rua José Carvalho 180
4760-353 Famalicão

Victoria images posted to Comments.
dashadiscovery at
Hello, my name is Daria. I found a motorcycle tank in the attic. As it turned out, this is Victoria kr35. I can send the photo to the email. Who needs it, I'm waiting for an offer. I live in Ukraine. Thank you in advance.

Victoria-KR35 tank images posted to Comments.
andrew.bugg at
1958 Victoria Swing KR21
Hi, I am looking for information and some parts for my Victoria Swing, I am missing two tank badges and the two engine guards that cover the air filter housing and battery. Any help would be much appreciated.
Andrew Bugg
United Kingdom
m1ha1david at
Unknown (maybe Victoria?)
do you have an idea from which motorcycle is the frame in the photo attached ? Thank you.
Mihai David
Sibiu, Romania

  • Victoria-1910-MiD images posted to Comments.

Victoria Book 04-Dec-2019
sprenger.rm at
Victoria Germany
Would you please add these text in the chapter
European Motorcycle Books and Manuals:
We can proudly claim that it is the most comprehensive and informative book on the VICTORIA brand that has existed so far and the entire project was handled within 18 months by the Victoria Club and alltheir specialists around the models.
In 18 chapters, all motorized Victoria models are presented, including the company history in context, the founding family Ottenstein and the development of bicycle production.
380 pages continuous colored
Format 21 x 21 cm,
about 1100 documents and photos are shown
1 kg of concentrated Victoria knowledge
59,00 Euro plus shipping
We have also a lot of manuals for models like: V35 Bergmeister, KR 35, KR 25 - 26 and so on....
Manfred E. Sprenger, Deputy Chairman Victoria Interessengemeinschaft Germany between Cologne and Frankfurt

  • Victoria book cover image posted to Comments.

geotech.sauermann at
Victoria KR 35 S , 1937
hello together I am looking for parts for a Victoria KR 35 S especially fenders, oil tank, biscuit carrier, etc.
Please offer everything.
many Greetings
Michael Sauermann
Helmbrechts, DE
18-Nov-2018, 01-Dec-2019
deedog at
1955 Vicky
Hi all ,
trying to source an original throttle ( hand control ) for a 1955 Vicky
John Boyd
New Zealand
greg_pasqua at
58 victoria
need a clutch plate will find out if I need any other parts in the next day or 2 need a price on clutch plate
greg pasqua
usa ca

My name is Greg Pasqua and I was contacted by Blake Simpson about the part I needed. I sent him money for the part and never got it. I have e-mailed him several times and he always has an excuse for not sending the part. He wanted to sell me the entire bike for $300.00 and I said I wanted the part first. His e-mail is I would appreciate any information about this person or how to deal with this situation. I would not do business with him and I would warn anyone trying to get a part to not trust him.
Thank you,
Greg Pasqua

lisalene65 at
Victoria 1958 monarped
I'm looking for a clutch plate, any idea where to get a replacement?
Lisa Pasqua
California USA or Aeroe Denmark

 Sat, 06 Jan 2018
dharter1965 at
Victoria Bergmeister 1954

Hi, I have a 1954 Victoria Bergmeister for which I am trying to source a specific engine part..... the external gear indicator arm and its mounting hardware...... if anyone has this part and would be willing to sell it to me please respond .... Thanks and have a great day
David Harter
Chicago/IL USA

Tue, 14 Nov 2017
marcelvredeveld at
victoria Kr26N sport 1955

Hello, on the moment i'm restoring this bike but i need a wiring diagram for this bike with battery bibine ignition. i hope someone can help me with a drawing from this item. kindley regard: Marcel Vredeveld.
goirle Netherlands

Mon, 16 Oct 2017
to_sailaway at
Vicky 3 195?? Vicky 3

Good afternoon, Recently I acquired a Vicky 3 and I am trying to find/source parts for it please. It is basically complete in regard to "tinware" but obvious things are damaged and will need replacement including engine (broken crankcase, engine # 51/144???) head stem assembly, rear wheel but if I can source these parts then the rest hopefully will be easier. I will know more when I dismantle it but loathe to do that until i know that the major parts can be found. Any help much appreciated as these seem to be a "rare beast" here in Australia Thanks
South Australia

Fri Mar 17 2017
daveholborn26 at
Victoria KR 21
Hi Guys,
Where can I find information regarding the verification of a 1956 Victoria KR 21 Swing motorcycle?
I am under the impression that this bike was imported new into South Africa.


The engine and frame numbers are the same ie 21/526. As for some pics of the bike and the manufacturers ID plate, the Victoria is now in the UK, so if you really need them, I will have to obtain them for you.

Dave Holborn
Benoni South Africa

Wed Sep 07 2016
rob4isak at
Viktoria Bergmiester 1954
I have a Viktoria Bergmiester 1954. It has been standing in a garage sense 1963. I want to sell if there are any interest.

Sun Dec 06 2015
willdo at
Victoria Bergmeister 350 about 1955?
I have one of these in boxes which I want to restore. Few items are missing, exhaust, rear light and a few other bits.
I would be intersted in any parts floating around

Sat Nov 21 2015
busterboyd at
Victoria 1955 Vicky
I am trying to source a replacement fly wheel cover for my 1955 Vicky - any one out there have one for sale

Thu Apr 09 2015
hanvdm at
victoria swing 1957
I want to know what the 1957 victoria swing is worth
south Africa

Tue Feb 03 2015
perrysmcsc at
timing chain
victori bergmeister V35
looking for timing chain for 1954 V35 Victoria Bergmeister

Wed Dec 31 2014
dnleiria at
victoria bargmaister
wanted Victoria bargmaister v35 if you have one for sale send me one email.thanks daniel

Tue Sep 23 2014
johnnyantik at
victoria motorcycle
germany victoria
I have a victoria motor for sale mobile>004915213250878 johnny
Berlin /Germany

Wed Jul 17 2013
19..? 200ccm
I have motorcycle parts for my grandfather

I understand the bike is for sale. Ed.

Wed Apr 17 2013
victoria supperluxus
hi iam trying to fine out rim and tire size i have most parts to rebuild can any one help please
south west UK

Mon Jun 17 2013

Victoria KR26 N Aero 1956
Hi All
Please can you help. I recently acquired the KR26 Aero and need to find as much technical information as possible for the bike. There is plenty info for the V35 Bergmeister but little for the KR26. Is there a fundi out there somewhere. Thanks - Tony
South Africa

Fundi: an expert. Ed.

Wed Apr 17 2013
victoria supperluxus
hi iam trying to fine out rim and tire size i have most parts to rebuild can any one help please
south west UK

Wed Aug 01 2012
Victoriaq Bergmeister Forks
Victoria Bergmeister 1954

I am cleaning out and have a set of Victoria Bergmeister forks amongst all my 50cc parts ( I collect and restore 50cc motorbikes) IO think they would be valuable to a collector or someone restoring these bikes and would hate for them to go unused. I found your details on the net when searching for Victoria Bergmeister - Being in these types of circles I thought I would contact you to find out if you or anyone you knew would be interested in these forks.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Thu Feb 09 2012
Sachs engines
Victoria Avanit MD51
I have this moped in our shop to be refurbished but we don't have any info about the engine

Mon Sep 26 2011
surfsister45<at>hotmaildot com
1953 victoria motorcycle
victoria not sure
this is my boyfriend's bike and it needs a new clutch....can you help me find parts? or lead me in the right direction?
victoria bc

Tue Aug 02 2011
pelsdyr<at>gmaildot com
regarding victoria FM38
victoria FM38 anno. 1954
I just wanted to share what iuve been working on for the last two years.
its a fm38 moped, who arrived in a box, bought on eBay and basically, everything have been restored. But not everything has been renewed og painted ( im a sucker for patina ).
Anyway, i made i little video with the moped a thought you might enjoy, so this clip you can distribute as you want.
Ive also added a few pics, maybe thats something you would like to
the link to video is here:
Aarhus, Denmark

FM38 Video

Wed Jul 13 2011
Viktoria 200cc
Prodam motor Viktoria 200cc

Sat Jul 09 2011
mastaamirkhan<at>yahoodot com
Victoria Vicky Superluxus 1959 - Luxusausf?hrung der V
Running Condition Victoria Vicky Superluxus 1959
I have Victoria Vicky Superluxus 1959 - Luxusausf?hrung der at my home in running condtion its my father's bike , Mr.Late Mohd.Miyan.Artist. i would like to buy Parts of It , plz contact me , Its only one poecace in M.P. India .Cont Aamir Khan S/o Mr.Late.Mohd.Miayn Artsit Sepahipura Opp.Moresali Masjid Sepahipura Qusba Sehore M.P.India 466001 Visit
Or Join On Facebook

Contact :- 0091-8103261623
Technical mechanic is available for contact

Tue Mar 29 2011
kupi&#281; viktoria bergmeister v35
victoria bergmeister V35
Kupie do remontu lub sorawny Viktoria Bergmeister V35

Thu Dec 16 2010
JefeViChem<at>aoldot com

Victoria Avanti 1958
When my family had to leave Cuba in 1960, I left my Victoria Avanti 1958 (Red and Black)in the Garage of my Parents home.
The Castro Government repossesed my Parents home and I have not been able to go back to Cuba.

I would like to find a Victoria Avanti 1958 Motorcycle

Wed Nov 10 2010
Victoria KR 35S Columbus-Motor
Sehr geehrte Bewunderer der Motorraeder Victoria. Ich bitte um Hilfe. Ich habe das Motorrad Victoria KR 35S, das ich zur Zeit restauriere. Das ist eine KR35S, gebaut 1936 und 1937, Columbus-Motor, Dauerleistung 14 PS, H&#246;chstleistung 15PS. Hurth 4-Gang-Getriebe G 59 F. Leider habe ich absolut keine technische Information fuer dieses Motorrad. Ich werde Ihnen sehr dankbar fuer alle Information ueber dieses Mottorrades, incl. Informatrion ueber Motor, sein.

Mon Oct 25 2010
neilwilletts<at>btinternetdot com
vicky 3
Victoria 3
looking for wheel arches for vicky 3

Tue Apr 20 2010
ed<at>kuhlmanauctiondot com

Victoria Bergmeister V35
I have an Ersatzteile-Liste available for sale-will send pictures if you are interested

Sun Nov 15 2009
carlsontrust at netzerodot com
victoria pionier 35?
Hi Sheldon: I just bought this bike a couple of days ago on eBay. I sure it has been brought to your attention in the past; but I would like to know if the frame number 12073 is 1942. The last three states here in the U.S. have used the engine number (21800) as the vehicle identification number. Would the engine and frame numbers be consistent with a 1942 production date?

Still Collectin'...Steve.
Sonoma, California

Fri Jun 19 2009
paulgarson at aoldot com
Sachs identification
Sachs???? unknown
can anyone identify this machine? A Sachs?
Los Angeles

Tue Jun 16 2009
help with identification
I do not know Victoria
hello, I have a bike with a motor and I would like to know, what kind is it - it should be Victoria bike.
Listed under Mystery Bikes

Sat Mar 07 2009
mrnbarlow at hotmaildot com
victoria moped 1953
hi i have just bought a victoria moped. not sure of the model. but i am afta some parts the 2 covers that go over the back suspenion and the cover of the left side of the tank and a seat plus the end cover for the chain.

thanks NIGEL

Tue Feb 10 2009
baza at
victoria super luxus M51D
hi can any one tell me if can get parts or telephone number for parts for this victoria moped
devon uk

Thu Mar 13 2008
john.kuni at disneydot com
I need keys
Victoria bergmeister
Looking for keys
california LA

Tue Mar 11 2008
jlshroades at
Victoria KR 35 SN
Need headlight bucket and rear axel with bearings and components.

Feb 08
subject: victoria bergmeister
outback04 at
message: I have been keeping an eye on a mid 50's, but have always wondered if any parts are still available for them. It has been in storage for a long time, so I don't know what it may need to run again. Thanks for any info---Dennis in Illinois

Thu Jan 31 2008
carolyn at newportpaperdot com
Victoria Avanti
Where can I get parts/engine parts for a Victoria Avanti

Sat Oct 27 2007
Need info on bike ,has 195 on neck tag also 27/7487.need to know year and size, also need parts for this bike, also value?? Thanks any info would help bruce...I deal in harleys see


Wed Oct 03 2007
Hawk1 at

Hallo Peter.

My friend is trying to restore two Victory moppeds. the other one is like on the picture no: 2 on your website. Sending picture. Victoria Moped 2
The Victory is without motor. Like to ask what kind of Sachs motor are in the Victory and what year is the Victory like on the photo...

The other one is I think older and with frame no: 1715706.
What year do you think the model year is..?

He has one motor with kick start but not from those moppeds. The motor no: 644553547cc. Type Sachs 50/2 KS.

Best wishes and thanks.

Haukur R,
Reykjavik, Iceland

Sun Jul 15 2007
glenspindler at
Victoria swing
I need a few spares so Im looking for an UK supply if possible

Mon Jun 25 2007
sicko at
Hello.My name is Milos and I am living in Serbia.When I saw your web site I decided to write you this message.I am owner of one great machine but I don't know which model of Victoria motorbikes it is.I saw all pictures presented on your site but couldn't find any pictures of motorbike which I have.This motorbike looks like Victoria Bergmeister 350cc(1955) but I have found a few differences between them: my machine have one cylinder and two exhausts and 250cc.Please if you have some information about this machine contact me via e-mail adress: sicko AT or this +38164/94-15-736.Also,my machine is completed with all original parts and if you wants to see pictures or you want to be an owner of this great motorbike we can stay in contact.
Thank you.
Milos Jovanovich

Sun May 27 2007
aaacarwholesales at
sure its 1957 victoria vicky moped
were trying to find out value

Sat May 26 2007
tfaber at fabercycledot com
victoria collectables

I have some old dealer inventory, of misc brands, that included 170 pieces of victoria "pins" for your hat or vest. These are just under 3/4" in diameter, and are blue and silver cloisonne. I would like to sell the whole batch to a club, or group of Victoria enthusiasts. You can contact me at tfaber at
Michigan, USA

Thu May 17 2007
dwb1 at mchsidot com
vicky moped 1960
trans three speed parts
looking for whole engine three speed for my vicky moped.
usa minnesota

Sun Apr 15 2007
bbrodnax at hotmaildot com
Incorrect labeling
Victoria Bergmeister
The terms "Transverse" & "inline" relate to the engine *crankshaft*; accordingly, the Victoria & Moto Guzzi v-twins are "inline" V-2 engines. Lots of mistakes in nomenclature related to this, just thought you'd want to correct your listing.


See for more information. Ed.

Thu Apr 12 2007
nsufreaken at
KR 25 hm Aero
Hi Sheldon.

Do you by any chance know a dealer, where I can buy good quality spareparts for my Victoria KR 25 HM Aero? And is there a place, where I can get the correct colour -sceme. My machine is a dark red color. What is the name and colour -code?

Yours sincerely

Mr. Thuger Jacobsen

Try the Victoria directory at Bikelinks:

Sat Jan 13 2007
oximoto at yahoodot com
Victoria 350 to sell
Victoria 350 KR
Hy,I have in mind to sell a Victoria 350, it's in a bad condition, for parts.If somebody is interested then please contact me.Thank you.

Wed Jan 10 2007
lehmanndouglas at hotmaildot com
victoria motorcycle roadster

this is a car based on a 1cylinder motorcycle engine. was made by victoria, trying to find out how many were made.
chicago, il

Wed Dec 27 2006
sprenger.rm at
Victoria mtorcycles

If you need informations, parts or anything else for Victoria-motorcycles and mopeds just look on our website, we have typespecialist for nearly all models but not all of them speak english, just try it: and the special website for Bergmeister:
germany - Frankfurt

Thu Dec 14 2006
zickzack96 at
Victoria parts and informations
Vicky III
Hi there,

an excelent and I think the most powerfull adress for all VICTORIA models ist:

The contact is:
Mr. Thomas Kurz
kontakt at

He speeks english (very good!) too.
Very helpfull man!

Have much fun!

Sun Dec 10 2006
oswald.palomino at
victoria with Fafnir Engine

Please i search Info, picture, spare Scheme on a German Motorcycle Victoria with a Fafnir Engine 1904.
Do you can help me ?
I speak, German, French, Spanish, and a little English. Thanks in Advance

Thu Dec 07 2006
johnshan at
Hello, 'sbeen a while
Hi Sheldon
It is good to see that the Victora page is still going strong. Just a quick hello remembering well the days back in 1998

Regards and have a great Christmas

John van Soest
New Zealand

Sat Nov 11 2006
vmmunro at aoldot com
Motorcycle manual wanted
Victoria Swing
I have a workshop manual in German but need one in English. Has anyone got one ot loan or sell? Thank you.

Sun Sep 17 2006
boh61 at
I want to know the value of a burmiester in very poor shape
usa ohio

Sun Apr 30 2006
pedidoszamac at
fabian panetta
victoria 350cc,modelo kb 35 k
poseo la moto de referencia y querria intercambia datos con aquellos que tengan motos de esta marca
buenos aires

Translation: possess the motorcycle of reference and querria exchanges data with those that have motorcycles of this mark

Sun Apr 30 2006
rlivingston at
Looking for Info, manuals, etc
Victoria KR10 1938
I'm looking for any info about this bike. I'm in Argentina. I'm in the process of restoring it. It is a 98cc with a Sachs engine
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sun Mar 12 2006
hall55 at bigponddot com
V35 Victoria
I have 2 v35. What mechanical and electrical spares are still available, yours Rob

Tue Feb 14 2006
pedjad22 at yahoodot com
need information
Please I need information I have a motorcycle old vhith water cooling head on the engine on one side is name Victoria and on another is Sachs.Help me I dont know which motorcycle is my model.
Regards, Predrag

Thu Feb 09 2006
fxdx99b at hotmaildot com
victoria 1953
Hallo, im from Stockholm and have a Victoria mc 1953 from my father. i send a picture and im about to sell it i think. What is the right type of my bike? thanks for answer Conny Andersson

Bike appears to be a KR25 Aero - check

Wed Nov 16 2005
kontakt at
Hi there,
I found your website while searching for informations.
We have a very lot of parts, literature informations and service for:
VICTORIA (all bikes!)
DKW (Mopeds only)
EXPRESS (Mopeds only)

If you please would be kind and set our website link to the right places that would be great!
Or please telle me how i can do it by my self.
Many thanks and best regards.
Greating from germany :-)

Thomas Kurz

Fri Jun 10 2005
keatsc2001 at yahoodot com
victoria fm 38
could some one please post the exploded diagrams for one of these fine little engines ? thanks

December 15, 2001
Hallo people.
I'd like to tell a lot about the engines of the brand VICTORIA. I own one since 1968. Type KR 26 SPORT. If you will ask something: please contact on info at

October 18, 2001
HI, could you tell me if you know anyone that has a 1954 or 1955 v twin 35 Victoria Burgmeister (the one with a chrome tank) and a tool box on the side of it, I have been looking around for awhile . thank you -- Doug -- Damman3 at msndot com

September 17, 2001
RE: 1955 Victoria Nicky R50
I don't know much about this moped I'm considering buying, but would appreciate any info. you might have.Value?
-Gabe -- KristieUMich at aoldot com

August 27, 2001
I found your address in internet. I have a little motorcycle Victoria Werte,IZ-49 and motorcycle IZ-56 with sidecar. Victoria is made in1939. IZ-49 is made in 1954. IZ-56 is made about 1958. Victoria is all original it has not motor. It has original paint. I have some parts: cylinder, cramp and carburettor. IZ-49 is all original. It can drive very well. It looks like DKW-NC 350.But IZ-49 has shock-absorber in the end.And IZ-56 is all original and it can drive. IZ-49 and 56 are 346cm3. My friend has motorcycle Panonia

It is made in1963. It is run 10000km in his life. I want to ask you how money can I get for my motorcycles. And my friend want sell her motorcycle. I want to sell them. Write me what motorcycles do you have. GOOD BYE !!! -- Agne -- agne16 at

August 23, 2001
Thanks for publishing the texture I send to you so long ago.
Meanwhile we have a special web-site for Victoria V 35-Bergmeister.
Would you please also add this link for all interested people:

It contains the complete sparepart-list and gave instructions about the parts which are available in our stock.
Thank you very much!
Manfred E. Sprenger -- rspreng1 at
Bahnhofstr.. 2
D-56357 Miehlen
Tel. +49-(0)6772-5433 abends
Fax +49-(0)6772-960861
Tel. tags?ber Mo-Fr +49-(0)6131-134012

Victoria Owners do visit this site:

August 22, 2001
I don't know much about Victoria motorcycles except that I just bought one. It was the first time I ever saw one, and immediately fell in love with it. After some negotiation I paid for it and took it home. It needs some work but is basically in good condition and running. I would like to know if there are any parts lists or workshop manuals available in English. Also, can anyone tell me, or provide any information about colours. The only information about the bike, I can give at present is that it is a 1956 model Bergmeister V-twin 350cc, it looks like original black paintwork, and I think the exhausts are not original. I am living in Indonesia at the moment.
Best Regards
Steven Schmidt
47 Hutan Kayu
Jakarta Timur
ali at jkt.bozzdot com

August 12, 2001
Victoria is part of the Zweirad Union. I have a Victoria Z from 1963. Other things I don't know about the brand. Have you got information about that mopped? -- Rick Maes -- rick at

June 19, 2001
I am loking for the technical manual of Bergmeister Victoria.
My andress is:
Valerio Galli
Via Roma , 38
06050 Collazzone Perugia
Valerio Galli -- valeriogalli.valeriogall at

May 15, 2001
Dear Sir:
I Have Victoria KR 25 HM, and KR 35,the second I finish the restoration, but the first I starting my work, but I need some information about the Parts, I need parts manual, service manual, and colour tips, if you can help me I appreciate, please send your information to this address with copy to this other. --Sebastian Maffei -- smaffei at
Thanks very much for your help.

May 3, 2001
What value might a 1935 Victoria 98ccm Sachs powered be worth? -- andy stark -- starkandras at yahoodot com

V35 prospekt:
Advertising from 1954. This is one of the finest examples of graphic design from the 50s.

Victoria V35 Bergmeister Cafe Racer.jpg
Victoria V35 Bergmeister Cafe Racer V 351:
This is my Bergmeister cafe-racer. It is on the road since 10 years and still runs perfect. Some details: 2-carburator system, Paioli-fork, and 4-leading front-brake, Rickman tank, the other special parts are handmade, 27 horsepower, nearly 30 kg lighter than the original bike and runs fast enough to demonstrate what a Bergmeister is able for........(more in Febr. 2001 issue of THE CLASSIC MOTORCYCLE)

Victoria V35 Bergmeister Engine Internals.jpg
Victoria V35 Bergmeister Engine Internals

This is a inside engine photo from my last V35-project
On the road again. A one time perfect reconditioned Bergmeister is good for a lot of funny and reliable trips

March 7, 2001
Please add the following texture and pictures on the Victoria-information-page:

V 35 BERGMEISTER-NEWS to keep this wonderful bike running............

The following parts (from old Victoria dealer stock and reproduction) and much more you can get from the V35-specialist of the Victoria-IG Manfred E. Sprenger, Tel. +49 -6772-5433 or +49-6131-134012, Fax +49-6772-960861, email: rspreng1 at

Bergmeister-booklet (21 x 30 cm) over 60 pages with a lot of V35-stories and hints from 20 years of V35-Bergmeister-experience, road tests from the 50th, technical dates, all technical newsletters to the dealers

Literature: Manual for painting, owners manual, spare part list, instruction sheet (...sorry all in German) Seal ring sets, gasket sets and one by one gaskets, lots of engine parts as valves, valve springs (little stronger, the originals are too weak), valve guides, valve seats for unleaded gas, (we do all jobs on cylinder heads and crankshaft) pistons, rocker-arm-pins, ball-bearing-sets, bigger oil sump for 1 liter more engine oil incl. 2 gaskets and longer screws (give the engine all cooling you can give and it will be the insurance for a long life), timing chain, timing chain tensioner (last version), alternator-cover..........

Lots of gearbox parts., kick starter complete, kick starter shaft, shift-lever-shaft, ball-bearing-sets, shift-lever- and kick starter-spring, parts for the uni-joint, drive shaft, ring gear (we do all adjustments on uni-joint-gear, just send it in)............

Electric parts, wiring sets, breaker points, coils, electronic-ignition-set (decide between 4 different ignition-waves, you need no more contact breakers and the mechanic ignition-point adjuster on the alternator), genuine engine-light, rear lights and glasses................

Special rubber parts from knee-pads to main-stand-rubber.............. Handlebars, emblems for petrol-tank, original ( and outside...) exhaust pipes and mufflers, stainless-steal-spokes, complete seats, back-wheel-shock-absorber, main-stand-spring, locks for frame and toolboxes, brake-shoe............. And much more...please ask what you are looking for!

rspreng1 -- rspreng1 at

March 6, 2001
Just received a message from a Club-colleague from NZ with a notice to place a link to our Homepage:
What do we have to do that it works?
As you see on the homepage, we are a Interest group (other word for club) for Victoria-bikes, with members all over the world and we would like to contact more people who are interested on these bikes.
Vice president and editor of the Victoria-magazine
Manfred E. Sprenger
Bahnhofstr.. 2
D-56357 Miehlen
Tel. 06772-5433 abends
Fax 06772-960861
Tel. tags?ber Mo-Fr 06131-134012

Victoria Factory Production Line
Victoria Factory Production Line c1955

February 26, 2001
Hi, 'sme again
Please find attached some more photos for the V page. The one of the factory is just awesome. I wonder if anyone in cyberspace can tell us about any of the photos?
Just imagine . . . If you know what day the photo inside the factory was taken . . . could one find out the production numbers for that day and could it be that one of our bikes is in the picture???? Just dreaming? Perhaps not, perhaps it only happens in "Tinsel-town" on the big white screen.
Regards and Thanks
John van Soest
New Zealand

February 24, 2001
For Sale -
Victoria Bergmeister. 1956. 21,000 miles. Stainless steel exhaust. Near original condition. Goes well, presently registered and warranted fit for New Zealand roads. NZ $6500 delivered anywhere in Christchurch New Zealand. Outside New Zealand US $3000 delivered to your shipping agent in

Christchurch New Zealand. All charges and/or taxes relating to purchases outside New Zealand are to be added to the purchase price. Sold only "As is, where is" with no warranties. Mileage believed to be genuine but not verified or guaranteed) For further information E-mail: 2john at

February 22, 2001 -
Hello John,
Sorry about the long time since my last email. I've to explain: I always need the help of my nephew to write the emails, because I'm not able to read or write in English. I also don't have a pc. The last few weeks he didn't had much time for me.

But to your questions: First, I think its ok, to publish the pics I've sent to you. Also the 2, which I added to this mail. One pic shows the Victoria-Team in ca. 1956 -56? I don't know exactly.

I never never had been an mechanic at Victoria, but at "Hercules" in Nurnberg. The Hercules-Factory was the former Victoria factory.

The Victoria- moped 50ccm, viertakt, which I have, is only a single-type. It never has been build in series!

For all your technical questions, I'd like to refer to Manfred Sprenger from > the German victoria-ig. He is the "specialist".

But the best at the end: I'll send you an parcel with more photos and technical infos about Victoria, especially the Bergmeister

Hope you enjoy it!
Franz Hartmann

From Sheldon: We all will patiently wait for John to send us more information provided by Franz.

I'm from Lima Peru south America, a guy here is offering to me a 1954 v twin Victoria Bergmeister in good shape in USD 4000.00

I would like to know if it its a good and fair price for this bike. I took a ride on the bike and it feels wonderful. I would like to know also the aproximate price in us dollars for the Bergmeister in your country.
Waiting for your kind and prompt answer.
ALVARO MILON -- ecofar at ec-reddot com

February 20, 2001
If I would have known the dignity of your interest in my Vicky mopeds, ( editorial space on your site and all) I should have put together some better quality Photos together with more serious information. If you wish, I can scan all Victoria 50cc, some in show condition, made 1949 - 1968 and mail them to you with all data. There are also some interesting books containing Victoria Motorcycles and mopeds. But I know of only 3 clubs. Victoria Motorcycles are very rare and hard to find, 50 cc mopeds in particular.
Best regards -- Peter Wahlquist -- peter.wahlquist at teliadot com

From Sheldon: Please send anything you can. I would love to post any information you, or anyone else, has. I'd love to expand this page.

February 17, 2001
These photos where taken recently in Germany. I am expecting a shipment of 8 1950's Vicky mopeds next week. These are 4 of them. The red and blue similar model is "Victoria Avanti." The powder blue Is a "Victoria Superluxus" The silver grey model is "Victoria 115"1961. I have all (almost) models of Victoria mopeds. I started collecting 1982. I live in Stockholm Sweden where we have a "Club Victoria". If you wish to know more and see more spacy vickys, let me know.

Best regards
Peter Wahlquist -- peter.wahlquist at teliadot com
Tysta Gatan 8
115 20 Stockholm
Tfn : 46. 8. 545 434 48
Fax . " " " " 49
Cell : 46. 70. 695 34 30

Images here: Victoria Mopeds

January 26, 2001
I own a Sparta, from the early to mid 50's. I know little about my bike or the marque in general. My bike needs a total rebuild. It has a plunger rear end and telescopic forks. It is powered by a Victoria 250cc single cylinder 2 stroke motor with twin exhaust ports. I would greatly appreciate any information and particularly any pictures of this model.
Thank you, Rob Potter -- fas at

December 10, 2000
This is Ralph Walker in Virginia, and I run the Marusho/Lilac Motorcycle Register. I've always had an interest in the Bergmeister, since it was the inspiration for Lilac's 125cc-300cc V-twins of 1959-1964. I own a Bergmeister also (serial 35-2740 from 1955, purchased '83).

On my web site at I have included an image of the beautiful brochure shown below with Andrew's message, and mine is a little larger and clearer, being 770x600 pixels rather than 664x504. The color is a bit punchier too. Go to this page and read down until you come to the thumbnail.

I am way too busy with Lilac stuff to get into Victorias seriously, but I'll share one piece of trivia. In 1978 I corresponded with John Myrick of Glendale, CA, who owned the V-B that was used in that ultra-low budget TV series 'Rat Patrol'. John said they had just sparayed the entire bike, chrome and all, with a can of black spray paint. I did not get his serial numbers. -- Ralph Walker -- marusho at erolsdot com .

From Sheldon: It has been said that the Lilac and Burgmeisters were the inspiration for the very famous Moto Guzzi big block V-Twins.

August 28, 2000
From Sheldon: I recently purchased a copy of an original Burgemeister parts list. Here are a couple of photos from it. Some day when I get some time I will try to scan it and make it available on-line.

Victoria Bergmeister Parts List

June 12, 2000
I have an original Ersatzteiele - Liste (Parts List owners book, I think) showing the Victoria Bergmeister V35. I has neat parts schematics for all areas of this motorcycle. I found it a swap meet and bought it wondering about the history of the motorcycle. That's all I have and if someone can use it, have them write me and I'll make him a deal of lifetime.
Erv Moller -- HDERV1 at aoldot com

June 12, 2000
From Sheldon: Just received the following from a friend on the North American Russian Motorcycle Association list:

FWIW, Jim Petitti, Raceway Services, Salem OR (503)588-7227) is preparing to sell a 50's era German Victoria, transverse V-twin, shaft drive, etc., and I believe he wants around $3500 for it.

I immediately got on the phone with Jim and chatted with him about it. The bike runs and drives but needs cosmetic type work. Everything appears to be there and he is asking $3,400 U.S.d for it. It has the chrome gas tank and red seat, and when I described the bike in the photo half way down this page he said that sounded like the same bike. I hope someone here will find this of value. Let me know if you learn more, or if one of you buys it.


May 6, 2000
I have been watching and reading your site and find it very interesting. I thought that I would add a bit to the Victoria page. I live in Bermuda and currently own a Victoria M38 Vicky. Which as you will see in the photos, is a motor mounted on a bicycle. The bike does about 30Mph but is just fun to ride. As someone stated in an earlier message Victoria did make bikes other then the Bergmeister. I have attached a couple of photos which were sent to me by the previous owner. If any of your readers need tuning information for this particular model, I do have a word document on this. -- Zach Sagurs --zjsagurs at

Victoria M38 Vicky Cyclemotor.jpg
Victoria M38 Vicky Cyclemotor

From Sheldon: It is obvious that the previous owner wasn't located in Bermuda. What we really need is a photo of this bike on the beach... <grin>

Found on the Moto Guzzi list, kind of funny:
November 12, 1999,
Germany may have the record of building one of the 'biggest, badassed & ugliest motorcycles ever they also built one cleanest and may I say 'prettiest machine you could lay eyes on. No its not a beemer. If you look your Guzzi and squint your eyes it will give you a hint of what it looked like. But they were built in the early 50s.

It was a V-twin, shaft drive, no sharp edges on this one, all the aluminum was polished like chrome, including the entire engine which laid Guzzi style in the frame.


Victoria Bergermiester

350 V-twin

Who knows, maybe someone from the boot seen one?
Ron Bishop

July 7, 1999
It is just over a year since I first started looking for "Victoria" on the net. It took quite some searching to find anything back then. What started as a "For interest sake only" soon became a passion. At least now, when you type in Victoria Bergmeister, your search program will/should come up with some relevant sites. Many thanks to Sheldon T. Aubut (biker at to start and maintain a Web page . Have you checked out the new German Victoria Club page? You will find at: < > I am so surprised to see so many "Aeros" still in existence. There is the odd scooter, moped and real old timers as well. WHAT IS OUT THERE? Let all of us know!

Ther is more to Victoria than Bergmeisters, I know. Since last July I have located quite a few Victoria owners, sent plenty of E-mails, wrote some letters and hopefully put some of you in the right direction for parts. Myself I still do not own a Victoria although I am negotiating at present to buy a Bergmeister. I like to think I made some friends around the world. Look at the addresses listed below and send one or two of them E-mail yourself. You never know what might come of it. Finland. Germany, USU, Canada go for it! Don't forget some of our friend are not born with the English tongue, I for one appreciate them writing in English.

Let's get Victoria Motorcycles in a few more books as well. Not many general motorcycles books that I come across feature our bikes. Vincent, Villiers, Velocette and Vespa yes but Victoria hardly ever get a mention.

Her are some interesting sites:

Manfred Sprenger holds, I believe, a register of Victoria motorcycles from around the world. I am sure he would like to add yours to the list
< rspreng1 at > (Sorry mate if I am wrong!)

Are you interested in World Wide Victoria Association?

Have another Victorious day!

From the deep South, Regards -- John van Soest, Christchurch New Zealand -- 2john at

Victoria enthusiasts:

Claus Skovbo -- clausskovbo at

DAVID J MOSS -- RXWJ77B at prodigydot com

David Sousa -- Sousa at

Frank ? -- DRACO1ST at aoldot com

Hartmut Schouwer

HdErv1 at aoldot com -- HdErv1 at aoldot com

John Myers -- jmyers2 at

John Sequin -- jcsequin at

Manfred Sprenger -- rspreng1 at

Markus Ruebe -- mail at

Mary Yaple -- myaple at clarityconnectdot com

Paul Gubbels -- gubbelsp at

Richard Gordine -- rgordine at

Serge Toutant -- s.toutant at

Sheldon T. Aubut -- biker at cwizarddot com

March 12, 2000
Hi Sheldon
Sunday night, a spare 5 minutes and a quick E-mail. In response to your last E-mail, the New Zealand Victoria family is growing a bit bigger. There is a "Victoria Swing" on it's way. Details as below. When I get the chance I will confirm how many Victorias there are in NZ that I know of to date.

We had a rare summer's day today, so far our summer has been lousy to say the least but today the temp went up over 30 degrees. Shan and me went for a 120 mile ride on the Honda Revere seeing the weather was so nice but Shan's "derriere" became rather sore even though the pillion seat is big and soft (Like me). It was the longest trip she has been on so far and hopefully she'll get used to it. Because of that I went to have a look at a Honda Goldwing . . . . . Nah! Too dear, Too big, Too powerful, Too high, Too long, To old, wrong colour, left hand drive, sounds awful . . . What else? . . . Just the bike I want!! Aaaand the back seat is fit for a queen. (mine). Never mind, I will wait till the mortgage is paid off.
'Till we cyber mail again
Greetings and kind regards
John van Soest
Down under in "God's own"

Below to edit (if required) for the Victoria page.

--- John wrote:

Wow what a bike! What year? What model? It looks very original.

Thanks John, I hope you have an enjoyable Monday evening. The bike is a Swing from 1955. It is 197cc. Actually I came to obtain it via a friend who saw my Bergmeister when it was still in Vietnam. He has restored a TWN and two Harleys whilst he has been there. He thought the Bergmeister was great and looked for one for himself. What he found was this Swing which was in bits at the time. Subsequently he has decided that he wants a new trial bike when he gets home and that five bikes was too much, hence he offered me the Swing. I understand they were quite innovative in their day but it didn't sell well because it was expensive. My friend actually rode my Bergmeister in Saigon and reckons the Swing is just as quick, maybe quicker. Gear change is on the handlebars which he reckons takes a bit of getting used to. It still has a clutch so its not like a Vespa ! Its also two stroke and therefore a bit noisier than the Bergmeister. I'm not sure whether you've found this attachment on the internet before. Its apparently from the original brochure. I use it as a screensaver.

March 10, 2000
Do you have an idea what a 1955 v-twin in original condition but not running is worth. The bike is all original and 100% there. Jay Merritt -- merritt at

March 4, 1999
Hi John
Finally found time to reply! What an interesting story. That would look good on the W'page. I will ask Sheldon to paste it. Please tell Sheldon about your HOEREX and I am sure he will find a place for on an appropriate page of his W'site. Do what I did and in a few months you might have more information than you can handle.
Good luck!!!

250 two stroke, same as my first bike. I know, there are better bikes but . . . Great to hear from you! By the way, where do you live??
John van Soest
Christchurch New Zealand

From: John Seguin <jcseguin at>
To: 2john at

Found your web site very interesting.
My first bike was a Victoria I purchased in 1962 while stationed in Germany with the RCAF. Had not been used for many years.
It was a 250cc painted an ugly green color and had a sidecar which was a pain to use, as it kept pulling the bike in that direction. It had no windshield and the battery and rear view mirror had to be replaced. Unfortunately, I never took a picture of it. No idea what year it was.
I got fed up with the trouble of mixing the oil and gas, and soon bought a 1952 Hoerex 350cc. It was a much better bike, and went like the wind. Have had no success finding info on it.
Bye for now. -- John Seguin -- jcseguin at bigfootdot com

February 28, 1999
I have a 55" Bergmeister v35 in basketcase state. I have recently stripped it to the frame for the beginning of a restoration project. My BM had been outside since 1967. I need a TON of parts if anyone has anything please let me know. -- Dave Moss in Northeast Pennslyvania -- RXWJ77B at prodigydot com

February 27, 1999
I will write too you in english, when my german is best when I am talking it.I have been looking on the internet, and there I met John from New Zealand. He told me about the Germen Victoria-club, and I will be very pleased, if you will tell me about the club. Years ago, I planned to make a club here in Denmark, but some people told me not to do it, when only a few people would be interested. I am riding on a KR26N from 1955 with sidecar (sidecar not for people).Hope too hear from you. -- Claus Skovbo, Denmark. -- clausskovbo at

I have a 1954 Victoria Bergmeister and would like to get her running again. Do you have access to parts or dealers? I would appreciate any info back... Thanks... Frank in Michigan USA. -- draco1st at aoldot com

February 12, 1999
Just finishes installing my internet-connection-kit and the first thing I did is send you a message. Thank you for the letter dated of november (sorry). Your home-page about victoria is looking very nice. We`re planning a homepage from the victoria-club. I will give you infos as soon as possible. My e-mail adress is: rspreng1 at Would you please give me the adress from the victoria owners from New Zealand for our statistics. We got about 260 adresses from Bergmeister owners from all over the world. Also we got a large stock from Bergmeister and Aero spare parts: gasket sets, wirings, pistons, rubber parts etc. etc. I`m shure the victoria-owners will be lucky to hear that. -- Manfred Sprenger, Miehlen, Germany -- rspreng1 at

November 25, 1998
If you are looking for information about Victoria Bergmeisters, I know of man that you should get in touch with. He found me when I was looking for information about her. He told me of the Victoria Rally in Dauborn, then sent me alot of pictures, unbelievable pictures. Juha told me about the ride through parts of europe, something that I could only dream of from New York State. Juha is in Finland, his e-mail is [deleted] tell him that Mary said hello. I am attaching a picture of our Vicki. She is a 1955, has a 345cc3, 21 hp engine. Resides in Smithboro, NY, USA with Ken Rogers. -- Mary Yaple myaple at clarityconnectdot com

Regarding: "Victoria" motorcycles
I used to have two. First one a 250cc single banger two stroke with twin exhaust. 1954?? Heavy in weight, rather slow 55/60 mph, always managed to break a ring at the wrong time. Great machine I wish I still owned it.

Last seen Christchurch, New Zealand late 1960. The best of the two was a 350 V twin 4 stroke. Wow what a bike. Had it repaired but the bumms did not know what they were doing, nor did I and ruined it. Still went but never got the timing right. Back in those days german bikes just did not exist in the minds of Kiwis. Being a young lad, I foolishly sold it. (Also last seen in the late sixties) I just like to know if there is still a Bergmeiter out there. The only reminder, apart from some poor photos, is a brand new tank badge somewhere in a box in the garage. Love to hear from anyone regarding these bikes.
John van Soest
shan at

More from John:

This picture was taken in 1967. The bike in the front is the VICTORIA 250cc Single cylinder two-stroke. The year of first registration would be about 1953 / 54. This bike was stripped down for a paint job when purchased in 1965. Amongst all the black (and an occasional maroon) bikes of that era this one stuck out like a sore toe. It would have been the only White bike in New Zealand. (The actual colour was a very, very pale grey.) It is unsure if this was a 247cc or the 248cc KR Aero model. Unusual was the single cylinder with a twin exhaust. Clutch plates were layered with cork.

In the rear is the VICTORIA BERGMEISTER 350cc V-twin four-stroke. The first year of registration in New Zealand must have been 1955. This bike was purchased in 1966 but unfortunately, due to the lack of knowledge regarding European bikes, was sold soon after an attempt to repair the engine. Looking back the problem could have been fixed with a little bit of patience. This bike is believed to be sold to a collector. Who knows it might still be 'Alive'. As can be seen from the picture, the clean lines of the engine are a joy to the eyes. A very 'Clean' looking machine, even the carburettor is enclosed. Back in those days, the question of "Where is the chain?" was often asked. Yes folks this is one of the rare ones with a drive shaft. Enjoy the picture.

John van Soest. Christchurch. New Zealand

Hi Sheldon
What a weekend! Found 2 more! Victorias of course. Had a ride on one of them! (Bergmeister) Maaaaaagic!
Would you mind putting the information mentioned below on your Victoria page. I am inquiring to set up a dedicated Web page.
Thanks and Regards
John van soest Christchurch New Zealand
(Is this really the start of a International Victoria Owners Association...?)

What is the score to date?

'Mnnn# Los Angelos 2 Bergmeisters. State unknown #
'Sousa' San Jose 1 scooter Being restored
'H--#' New Zealand 1 Bergmeister. Stored, not going#
'Rees' New Zealand 1 Bergmeister. Going, immaculate, 19500 Miles
'Rees' New Zealand 1 Aero 250 Not going, parts missing, restorable.
'Norris' New Zealand 1 Aero 250. Partly restored.
'?' England Victoria car was for sale. (Never did get a reply)
'?' Germany How many Hartmut?

I have been told that: There are 2 Bergmeisters in Australia.
In England all remaining bikes are in museums. (Please prove me wrong!)
Any more?? Let me know!
Please E-mail me on: 2john at
# = Name omitted until permission given. (Other names, on internet or permission granted)

Note from Sheldon:This probably is the start of an International Victoria Owners Association. We will have to see how many people are interested. It there are enough I will set it up somewhat like the North American Russian Motorcycle Association web site at [404]. Check that one out and if you are interested in having a similar, though world-wide, organization for Victoria owners please let me know at: biker at cwizard dot com

I'm in and you can use my name. One of my Burgmiesters was on the TV series Rat Patrol. This bike also has a tear drop tank vs. the squaresh tank. -- John Myers jmyers2 at

Hi John
It's good to 'hear' from you again. I like that "I'm in" bit and thanks for being able to post your name. When you get a chance, let us know what state your bikes are in and a photo if possible.

Rat patrol, I am probably wrong, but that reminds me of a series based in North Africa, WW 2, from wayyyyyy back?? Please kill my curiosity. -- John van Soest Christchurch New Zealand. shan at

December 6, 1998
Hartmut and Sheldon,
Some months ago I let you know that my old bike was still "Alive". After 33 years I was reunited with my old Bergmeister on 3-12-96.

It took about 1500 Km (930 Miles) and I had only two days to do it in. It was worth the long trip. The bike needs some repair but basically it is OK. Definitely not for sale. How can you tell a non believer that metal, in a certain shape, can have a tremendous effect on you. Seeing that bike after all those years did touch a nerve. The owner, Norman Hayes, also has 3 BMWs including a 1967 R60. Three Indians, (Including the Monroe Special, see attached files). Villiers, Cyclemaster, Honda, Crouch Special (Homemade with Austin 7 motor) plus another 20 or so of all ages and makes.

I am setting up a proper database of Victoria owners known to me. I have also written to Manfred Sprenger (German Victoria Club) I will keep in touch.

John van Soest -- shan at
Christchurch New Zealand

If you have a query or information about Victoria motorcycles please contact us