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Victoria KR35 Motorcycles

In 1935 Victoria introduced the 344cc (69 mm x 92 mm) KR 35 B and KR 35 G models with Lackler-patented cylinder heads. These models were folloed in 1937 by the KR 35 Sport powered by a Columbus engine.

Production of the KR 35 was reduced considerably at the onset of WWII, with output limited to the military KR 35 WH model. On the 2nd of January 1945 the Victoria factory was severely damaged during an allied bombing raid in which over 500 bombers dropped 6000 bombs and over a million incendiary devices on the city. The factories of Zündapp, Hercules and Triumph-Werke also suffered. To this day unexploded bombs are found in the city.


KR 35 B/G 1935-1936
KR 35 Sport 1937-1937
KR 35 SLM 1930-1933
KR 35 SN Pionier 1930s
KR 35 SS Pionier 1930s
KR 35 WH Pionier 1938-1944

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