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Steve Magro


Hi, I'm Steve and welcome to my new web page![1] I live in the sub-tropical city of Brisbane, in North-Eastern Australia. My passion is speedway racing but there is much more to life than that!

I have used a wheelchair since I had a racing accident a few years ago, but I'm a happy chappy nonetheless. I'm fortunate that I can still stand up (as long as there's no alcohol about) and live independently, and I'm extremely pleased about that!

I enjoy travelling to different cities around the world, writing stories about them and what it's like to travel alone in a wheelchair (you get dirty hands:)
My stories have been published in different magazines in Australia and Japan and I hope that some may have a positive influence on other people who have a disability.

As for speedway writing, I am sometimes a writer for Vintage Speedway Magazine (published in England), Speedway Star (England) and Speedway World (Sydney). I also like photography and writing poetry, collecting old things: cameras, books and a wooden telephone which hangs on my kitchen wall. So what do you like?

My website is not only about the history of speedway but also features sidecars & speedcars (midgets), all in colour.
Watch this site for new additions in the future!

Also a big thank you to everybody who has given me permission to use their photographs.

Hey, life's too short.....enjoy!

1. New in 2002. This is an archive rescued from the Wayback Machine.

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