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Midgets (speedcars)

Bob 'Two Gun' Tattersall (USA) in 1964-65 at the Sydney Showground aboard the fully imported 'Hollywood Bob 'Two Gun' TattersallSpring And Axle' Offenhauser. Many fans will remember the tremendous - and final - duels he had with the ace Sydney driver Jeff Freeman.

A classic shot of Ronald Mackay, aboard one of the last of the famous Mackay Offenhausers from his father Don's stable.Ronald Mackay This photo was taken in 1970-71, during a period when roll cages were becoming the norm. Ronald captured his first of two Australian championships in this car.
Photo by Bill Meyer.

Here is 'Georgeous' George Tatnell, the father of todays sprintcar driver Brooke. George was certainly a colourful George Tatnellcharacter in the late sixties, when he purchased this fuel injected Holden from Johnny Stewart.



From Sacrimento, California USA: Hank Butcher as the seventies dawned, aboard in the repainted Mackay Hank ButcherOffenhauser in Sydney.
Photo by Bill Meyer.



Johnny 'Super' Stewart, three times Australian Champion pictured here in his prime on the grass just outside the Johnny 'Super' StewartSydney Showground pits in the mid sixties.



Howard Revell, now based in Brisbane, is featured here on the cover of the 'Speedway 69' annual.Howard Revell
Smile for the camera boys! In 1966 at Sydney Showground Lew Marshall (75) is in the Mackay Kurtis Kraft Offy, pictured 1966 at Sydney Showgroundhere in front of the Sinclair Stand. Right behind is Brian Mannion while Peter Bowland is in the number 4 car.
  American Merle Bettenhausen made an Australia tour during 1969-70. He's pictured here on the grass during sunset at the Merle BettenhausenSydney Showground Speedway.
Photo by Bill Meyer.

Brian Dillion (in the ex-Dave Strickland car) leads fellow Queenslande Gus McClure a merry chase at the Brisbane Brian DillionExhibition Ground. Photo by Bill Meyer
  Jimmy Davies (USA) sits inside the number 23 Offenhauser which proved very successful for him on his final tour of Jimmy DaviesAustralia. The car remained in Queensland hands when it was owned by Bill Goode(number 5), before eventually being put in the hands of Barry Wixted.
A rare color photograph taken in 1963 of Sydney superstar, Jeff Freeman. Freeman was the driver to beatJeff Freeman and possessed all the skills, until tragically losing his life in a track smash at Westmead Speedway in 1965.
  Johnny Stewart, racing with Aust. 1 on the tail, paces Kevin Park (66), out on the boards at the former Westmead Westmead ShowgroundsShowgrounds, since 1968 the site of a multi-storey hospital.
Pictured here in the USA is the number 98 car, formerly driven by Parnelli Jones. Jones had numerous race victories in the Parnelli Jones' Carcar between 1960-67 (when his sprintcar commitments allowed), but he is perhaps best known for his Indianapolis 500 victory in 1963.
  The Volvo powered speedcar (driven by Sid Middlemass) sits outside the Sydney Showground pits, next to the Sid Middlemass Volvo Powered Spedcarex-Leroy Warriner Offy which ended up in the hands of the Australian ace of the early-sixties Jeff Freeman.
An interesting drawing this. It shows the Nutley Velodrome during the peak of it's short life. Playing before up to 12,000 Nutley Velodromespectators, the short wooden bicycle track (banked 45 degrees on the turns) was based in New Jersey, USA, where three drivers met their deaths. The 'bowl' ran for two years, closing in 1939 after the town commission branded the circuit as "homicidal". The book "The Fantastic Nutley Velodrome" was written by Ernest 'Crocky' Wright and published by Carl Hungness Publishing.
  The immaculate (but rarely seen) ex-Bob Tattersall racer, seen here in restored form on track at the Brisbane Exhibition ex-Bob Tattersall racerGround.
At the controls is American legend Bob Tattersall, at the wheel of the number 35 Offenhauser. He's ready to do battle against Bob Tattersallthe Australians in 1966.
  Who will forget the hard charging Californian, Sherman Cleveland? Here he is at the Sydney Showground in 1966. He Sherman Clevelandwas later killed in Fresno USA, driving the sprintcar which in later years came to Australia, in the hands of fellow American John Anderson.

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