Britten Motorcycles

Britten Motorcycles

The Britten Story - One Man's Dream

Greatest Motorcycles Ever Made: #6 Britten

Made in New Zealand

A Brief History of the Marque

The New Zealanders have not made many motorcycles - only the one to my knowledge. But what a one it is. John Britten's short career as a builder and campaigner of V-Twin racing bikes has achieved legendary status, as have his brilliant machines.

Fri Aug 04 2006
mkitney at iprimus.com.au
Can you please inform me of where I could purchase a copy of the video john made during the manufacture of his bike raced at America
Western Australia

The Britten Factory has these. http://www.britten.co.nz/shop/video.html

Jan 5th 2005
subject: Availability of the Britten V-1000 Model
Email: sheahanm at msoe.edu
message: Do you know where I can get this model from? I have tried contacting the Britten web-site, but as of yet have not recieved a response. I have also not been able to locate anyone with this for sale yet (although one was just sold on e-bay late last year). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

As far as I know the Britten factory is the only outlet for the models. They are probably still on holidays, as are many small businesses in Australian & NZ this time of year. Ed.

Britten Model Kits - a short article


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