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A Brief History of the Marque
Manufactured ca 1957-1975

These light motorcycles and mopeds were built by Peripoli, possibly as early as 1957 but certainly by 1959, using engines of Italian origin along with those of JLO and Zundapp.

Laws were introduced in Italy in 1959 limiting mopeds to 40 km/h, and similar restrictions were implemented in France in 1962 (50 km/h). Youngsters soon discovered that it was not a huge task to increase performance, with some of the Giuletta models achieving 85 kh/h. They became the most popular Italian mopeds imported to France.

The Giulietta Super Sport Type GSS TS-50 had a tubular frame, as did the later GSS3 and GSS4. The SGS was simliar, but with a pressed-metal frame.

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tmtemple73 at gmail.com
1950 Giugiulietta Scooter
Hello. I actually do not know the year of this scooter. I found this scooter on my property. I only can make out a few details and was hoping that you could provide me with more information. I want to restore this scooter to its original condition.
Tina M Temple

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Sat Dec 01 2007
jemison at ix.netcomdot com
Giulietta Scooter

I have an old scooter and I am trying to find out about its history.  The engine is a Giulietta 



The engine is by Franco Morini Motori, with a Giulietta plate. Obviously quite a rare beastie.
Dutch Wikipedia seems to indicate a relationship with Doniselli
There is also a 1964 Peripoli Giulietta.

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