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Simard Scooters

Historical Notes

Manufactured: 1951-1954
L. Simard & Fils, Vitton, Lyon

Simard built scooters resembling the Lambretta, with 125 or 175cc two-stroke engines from Ydral (1), and 125cc AMC four-stroke engines.

Simard introduced their LSL model at the 1952 Salon fitted with an AMC 125cc 3-speed engine. By 1953 it had evolved and the Salon of that year saw versions with an AMC 125cc fourstroke and Ultima three-speed engines of 125cc and 200cc. Production ended in 1954.

1. Club Ydral

Sources: Club Ydral, Tragatsch, Amis Terriens

Simard Scooter LSL 2 1953

Constructeur: Louis Simard Villeurbanne (69)

Moteur: Ydral, 83, rue Carnot Suresnes (92)
Type L45
Moteur: Cylindrée: 125 cm3 Monocylindre 2 temps Boîte 4 vitesses

25 scooters produits, 3 recensés.

Un avec moteur Ydral, deux avec un moteur AMC.

Celui-ci est le seul survivant à moteur Ydral.

Ce scooter a été restauré par "Aero Jean-Do" en Bourgogne, en laissant volontairement apparaître les soudures et autres preuves du savoir-faire des tôliers-formeurs, confirmant le côté prototype du scooter.

French text: Thomas Bersy

Construction: Louis Simard, 12, Rue Anatole-Primat, Villeurbanne

Engine: Ydral L45 125cc 2-stroke, 4-speed gearbox

25 scooters produced, 3 known survivors - one with an Ydral engine, two with AMC engines.

This scooter was restored by "Aero Jean-Do" in Burgundy, leaving visible the welds and other evidence of the construction, confirming the prototype side of the scooter.

The company is best known for their sidecars.

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