British Motorcycles

Armstrong motorcycles

Manufactured from 1902 to 1905.

This machine was typical of the primitive designs of the era. It had a small Minerva 211cc engine that hung from the downtube of a heavy-duty bicycle frame fitted with rigid forks. As an assembler, the company bought in parts - the frame lugs came from Chater-Lea.

Armstrong produced motorcycles from 1913 to 1915.

  • 1913 The company produced a model of advanced design, powered by a four-stroke 2¾ hp, 349cc Villiers engine. It had a unit-construction, two-speed gearbox, overhead inlet valve, and timing gears on the left of the engine. The rest of the machine appeared to be fairly conventional.
  • 1914 Use of the previous Villiers engine was discontinued and replaced by the 269cc Villiers commonly used by many other firms. It had petroil lubrication and a two-speed gearbox. A single-speed version was also listed.
  • 1915 Manufacture of the above two models continued that year, after which production ceased.
Sources: Graces Guide

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