1933 Excelsior C14 IOM Special

Winner of the 1936 Brooklands 'Motorcycle' Clubmans Event

Estimate: (£) 18,000 - 20,000
Reg Number: HC 6690
Frame Number: TT89
Engine Number: JORZ/30580
Body Colour: Red / Silver
Cc: 497
MOT ExpiryDate: Exempt
For 1932 the Excelsior range was headed by the B14 TT Replicas which employed a frame that was identical to the 1931 works fitted with a competition JAP over head valve single displacing 497cc, although 250 and 350 variants were available to order. The frame is numbered TT89 indicating the rarity of theses models. The model continued for the 1933 season wity only minor changes and the adoption of a C prefix in place of the B to denote the 1933 model year. For 1934 the Mechanical Marvel adopted the 14 model code at the head of the Excelsior range.
The example offered has an illustrious history. It won the 1936 "Motor Cycle Clubmans Trophy" at Brooklands in the hands of A MacIntosh! The name which is engraved on the Trophy and was published in The Motor Cycle report published on the 30th April 1936 was a non de guerre for Howard Earle, who wished to hide his competitive activities from his parents. It is interesting to note that both the organisers and the journalist responsible for the report appear to have been aware of the subterfuge as the name "A MacIntosh" appears betwixt inverted commas on the cup and in the report.
Little is known of the machines subsequent history, but in 2006 the current owner commenced the restoration of the motorcycle which saw the engine being reconditioned together with the transmission, magneto and cycle parts and the paintwork and brightwork renewed, the work being completed during 2007. Research by the vendor resulted in the motorcycle being reunited with "Motor Cycle Clubmans Trophy" thanks to Howard Earles nephew. The machine has been shown and ridden at several Brooklands events including the 100 years of motorcycle racing in 2007.
Image and description kindly supplied by H&H Classic Auctions

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