Today in Motorcycle History

Excelsior 150cc G1 Pioneer


ENGINE - Villiers 148 c.c. Single Port, Long Stroke, 53 mm. bore x 67 mm. stroke. Exceptional power output. Fitted with full roller bearing big end. phosphor bronze main bearings and fully floating gudgeon pin. Large exhaust pipe, chromium plated, with efficient expansion chamber.

FRAME - High quality weldless steel, specially strengthened at all vital points. Low riding position with perfect steering.

GEARBOX - 3-speed, with hand control and clutch and kick starter. FRONT

FORKS - Pressed steel with link action, and central compression spring. Substantial bearing surfaces and high tensile steel spindles.

TANK - All steel welded saddle tank arranged for petroil mixture, capacity 2 gallons.

CARBURETTER - Villiers Automatic with Twist Grip control and fitted with Air Cleaner.

WHEELS and TYRES - Steel hubs and rims fitted with Dunlop Cord Tyres 25" x 3".

SADDLE - Dunlop " Drilastic " supple seat.

BRAKES - Internal expanding front and rear, with finger self-locking adjustment.

HANDLEBARS - "Clean" type, adjustable for both angle and reach - with Twist Grip control and solid forged steel external levers.

TRANSMISSION - 1/2" x 3/16" roller chains to front and rear. Primary chain enclosed In metal cover with Oilbath. Rear protected by metal guard.

HUBS - All steel, with nickel-chrome cones and large bearings.

MUDGUARDS - Wide dome section, rigidly supported to prevent vibration. CARRIER - Strong steel carrier, affixed rigidly to rear mudguard.



EQUIPMENT - High Tension Magneto Ignition. Villiers Direct Electric Lighting, from fly- wheel dynamo and 4 pole cobalt steel magneto, giving large output. Independent lights for parking operated by instantly replaceable dry battery.

EQUIPMENT - Full kit of cools. Tecalemit grease gun and grease. Bulb Horn. Leg-guards. Licence Holder.

WEIGHT - 175 lbs. approximately.

150 c.c. Model G.1.

Code Word : "PINER"


150 c.c. Model G.D.1.

With Specification as Model G.I., but having Separate 6 volt Dynamo Lighting Set with 7" Headlamp and Diplight.

Code Word : "PINED"