Today in Motorcycle History

Excelsior 250cc G4 & GD4 Meritor Two-stroke


ENGINE - Villiers standard two-stroke, two port, 67 mm. bore x 70 mm. stroke. 247 c.c. Detachable aluminium alloy cylinder head. Aluminium alloy piston with inertia rings. Petroil lubrication. Full roller big end bearing. Extra long bronze gas-tight main bearings. Twin exhaust pipes and two expansion chambers.

FRAME - Constructed with large weldless steel tubes of exceptional strength, giving great stability and low riding position.

FORKS - Webb pressed steel girder type with link action and central Compression Spring. Instantly adjustable Shock Absorbers.

GEAR - 3-speed with hand control and clutch and kick-starter.

TANK - All steel welded saddle tank. Arranged for Petroil mixture. Capacity 2 3/4 gallons.

CARBURETTER - Villiers Automatic with Twist Grip control. CARRIER - Strong steel carrier rigidly affixed to rear mudguard.

WHEELS and TYRES - Steel hubs and rims fitted with 25' x 3.25" W.O. DUNLOP cord tyres.

SADDLE - Dunlop " Drilastic " supple cop.

BRAKES - Wide 5" internal expanding front and rear.

TRANSMISSION - Front and rear, 1/2" x 3/16" protected by metal chainguards.

HUBS - All steel hubs with nickel chrome cones and 5/16" balls

MUDGUARDS - Wide steel guards " D " section, with rigid stays preventing mudguard vibration.

HANDLEBARS - Neat "clean" type, adjustable, with twist grip control and forged steel external levers.

FINISH - Tank black enamelled relieved with red panels. Exhaust pipes and all usual bright parts chromium placed.

EQUIPMENT - Complete kit of tools. Tecalemit grease gun and grease. Bulb Horn. Licence Holder.

IGNITION and LIGHTING EQUIPMENT - H.T. MAGNETO IGNITION. Villiers direct Electric Lighting from flywheel dynamo and 4-pole cobalt steel magnets giving large output. 7" Head Lamp and Parking Lights operated by independent dry battery. Dimmer switch and dip light operated from handlebar.

WEIGHT - Equipped, 200 lbs. (approx.)

250 c.c. Model G.4

Code Word : "MERIT"


250 c.c. Model G.D.4

With Specification as Model G.4, but having Separate 6 volt Dynamo Lighting with 7" Headlamp and stoplight. Code Word : "MERMO"