Excelsior Models


Excelsior 1903-1904 Models

Excelsior 1909 3½ h.p.

Excelsior 1914 8hp V-Twin


Excelsior 1920s Models

Excelsior 1920 Models

Excelsior 1920 8hp V-Twin

Excelsior 1922 Models


Excelsior Mk1 Speedway

1930 Models
1930 Excelsior Model 3 Villiers 196 1E
Model 4 Villiers 196 Super Sports with alloy detachable cylinder head.
Model 7 was also a two-stroke.
The Model 9 was an OHV twinport JAP.
More information: Excelsior 1930s Models

1931 Models
147 c.c. Three-Speed Utility Model No. A2.
196 c.c. Service Model No. A3.
196 c.c. Two Stroke, Two Port Super Sports 3-Speed Models. Nos. A4 & AE4.
247 c.c. Two Port, Two Stroke Sports Models Nos. A5 & AE5
247 c.c. Two-Stroke, Two Port Overseas Model. No. A7
250c.c. ISLE-OF-MAN Special Tourist Trophy Model No. A14 The Machine which won the Lightweight
1929 T.T. at Record Speed.
250 c.c. O.H.V. Two Port Sports Model. No. A9
300 c.c. Side Valve Sports Model. No. A6
350 c.c. O.H.V. Two Port Special Sports Model No. A10.
350 c.c. O.H.V. Two Port Sports Model. No. A11.
350 c.c. Side Valve Sports Model. No. A8
500 c.c. O.H.V., Two Port Sports and 600 cc. S.V. Sports Models Nos. A12 & A13
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1935 Models
148 c.c. Pioneer Model No. E.1
148 c.c. Empire Model No. E.2
150 c c. O.H.V. Bantam Model No. E.3
249 c.c. All Enclosed Viking Model No. E.9
250 c.c Two Stroke Meritor Model No E.4
250 c.c. Two Stroke Scout Model No. E.5
250 c.c. O.H.V. Dictator Model No. E.6
250 c.c. O.H.V. Pathfinder Model No. E.7
250 c.c. O.H.V. Chieftain Model No. E.8
500 c.c. O.H.V. Powerplus Model No. E.10
98 c.c. Universal Model No. E.0
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1936 Models

Excelsior 1936 Models

1937 Models
125cc G0 Universal
150cc G1 Pioneer
250cc G11 Manxman OHC & G12 350cc
250cc G4 & GD4 Meritor Two-stroke
250cc G5 Scout
250cc G8 Norseman OHV
350cc GR12 & GR11 250cc Racing Manxman
350cc G9 Warrior
500cc G14 Manxman OHC
500cc G15 Manxman Special OHC
More information: Excelsior 1930s Models

1950 Models

De Luxe Autobyk S.1.
Super Autobyk G.2.
Universal U.I
Talisman Twin TT.1
Roadmaster R.1

1951 Models

Autobyk De Luxe S.1
Autobyk Super G.2 98cc, 21" F&R
Universal Model U.1, Villiers 125cc 10D, 19" F&R
Talisman Twin TT.1 246cc, 19" F&R
Roadmaster R.1 Villiers 197cc 6E, 19" F&R

1952 Models

1952 Excelsior Talisman Sports
244 cc, Bore/stroke 50 x 62 mm
Wheelbase 50.5"
Tyres: Front 3.00 x 19", Rear 3.00 x 19"
Suspension front Telescopic undamped; Rear plunger undamped.
Weight 240 1b
Price new £173 15s 7d

1954 Models

Condex D12 125cc, 19" F&R
Consort F4 98cc, 19" F&R
Autobyke Models S1, G2
Roadmaster 197cc Models C1, C2, R1, R2, R3, R4
Talisman 250cc Twin Models S.T.T.1, S.T.T.2, T.T.1, T.T.2

1957 Models

1957 models include Skutabyke Model S.B.1 98cc If you have a query or information about Excelsior motorcycles please contact us