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Excelsior Motorcycles 1922


Excelsior 1922 650cc Sidecar

An "oversize" single that has had many years' vogue, the 4½ h.p. Excelsior, fitted with a 650 c.c. engine.


Excelsior 1922 8hp V-Twin JAP

Fitted with an 8 h.p. J.A.P. engine and Burman three-speed gear box, this electrically sidecar is in the front rank of powerful sidecar

A Comprehensive Range of Lightweights, Big Singles, and Twins.

Excelsior Plans.

A WIDE range of models will be shown by Bayliss, Thomas, and Co., the manufacturers of the well-known Excelsior machines. These vary from the 2½ h.p. Villiers-engined, single-geared motor bicycle selling at £39 18s., to the 8 h.p. J.A.P.-engined de luxe sidecar outfit at £162. Dealing first with the lighter models, the Villiers engine is fitted to three of them; a clutch may he fitted to the single-geared machine already mentioned, or a sporting model may be obtained with two-speed gear clutch and kick-starter. A similar specification is applied to a third model, wliich, however, is provided with an open frame, and is particularly suitable for riders of the fair sex. This model, by the way, is an exception to the Excelsior rule, in that it is fitted with 24x2¼ in. wheels.

A Solo Touring Mount.

A very pretty little machine, with sloping top tube and excellent fittings throughout, is the new 2¾ h.p. Blackburne-engined model, with three-speed gear, clutch, and kick-starter, and all-chain drive. An internal expanding rear brake is fitted, and the machine will undoubtedly appeal to the sporting rider who requires a go-anywhere machine.

Including the 4½ h.p. big single, all the larger Excelsiors are fitted with Burman gear boxes and 28x3 in.tyres. The 4½ h.p. machine is a solidly constructed single, particularly suited for hard work, with a sidecar attached; it is sold solo at £95, or with a well-built sidecar at £125. Unlike the twin-cylinder models, a belt rim brake is fitted to the rear wheel, but in other respects the specifications differ but little. A 6 h.p. twin J.A.P.-engined Popular model is sold complete with sidecar at £135. or with the new 8 h.p. roller and ball bearing engine at £142. This machine is fitted with all necessities, but differs from the de luxe 8 h.p. in that it is not supplied with such luxuries as interchangeable wheels. In the case of the 44 h.p. and the Popular models, tool boxes have replaced the pannier bags, but the standard arrangement of bags is still retained on the de luxe type. As regards the 8 h.p. de luxe machine, there is little to be said, except that it is replete with every modern convenience, and is a remarkably fine example of typically British big twin construction. Chain drive throughout, internal expanding brakes in each wheel, and beautiful finish are among the outstanding features.

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