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1936 Models at the Olympia Show

Excelsior 1936 249cc Meritor

Pressed-steel forks and large-section tyres are fitted to the 249 c.c. Villiers- engined "Meritor" model

Excelsior Manxman for 1936

Sturdiness is the chief characteristic of the overhead-camshaft Manxman engines. The valve gear is totally enclosed.


STAND 32 : Overhead-camshaft “Manxman” Models in Three Sizes ; Attractive Push-rod and Two-stroke Machines : A Display of Parts

Excelsior Motor Co., Ltd., King's Road, Tyseley, Birmingham.

F.14 “Manxman” Model.—498 c.c. single-cyl. o.h.c. Excelsior; dry-sump lubrication; magneto ignition; all-chain, drive; oil-bath primary chain case; 4-speed gear with foot control; fuel, 3½ gals.; 27x3in. (front), 26x3.5in. (rear) tyres.
Price with electric lighting (solo), £75.

LAST Olympia Show disclosed the first Excelsior “Manxman.” Now there are three in the family —from 250 c.c. to 500 c.c. The new 500 c.c. model is typical of the range. The engine construction is particularly stiff and rigid, yet it is without excessive weight. Those who wish to study details are afforded an excellent opportunity by the display of separate parts. The connecting-rod construction is of outstanding interest.

One of the smaller Manxman models is exhibited in racing form with bi-metal head.

There are three new push-rod Excelsiors to be examined. The 249 c.c. “Norseman,” with its vertical engine and enclosed valve gear, has a four-speed, foot-operated gear box and oil-bath chain case, and sells at £46 10s. At £49 10s. the 350 c.c. “Warrior” has a very similar specification. Then there is the new 350 c.c. “Clubman,” selling at £59 10s., which has an excellent specification for the sportsman, including high-level exhaust system with “megaphone” silencer.

F.4 “Meritor” Model.—247 c.c. single-cyl. two-stroke Villiers; Petroil lubrication; flywheel magneto ignition; all-chain drive; 3-speed gear, with hand control; fuel, 2 gals.; 25x3.25in. tyres. Price with direct electric lighting (solo), £29; separate dynamo. £31 15s.

Those who require a really serviceable touring two-stroke with a good specification are not overlooking the “Meritor.” The 148 c.c. “Utility” model, at the modest price of £24 15s., is also attracting attention.

The 1935 Olympia Show reported in The Motor Cycle, December 5th, 1935.