Today in Motorcycle History

Excelsior 250cc G8 Norseman OHV


ENGINE - EXCELSIOR High Efficiency 249 c.c. O.H.V. SPORTS. Single port. 63 mm. bore x 79 mm. stroke. Spherical head, inclined valves with duplex springs. Totally enclosed push rods in cylinder casting. Overhead rocker gear with instantly adjustable tappets and valves totally enclosed. Down-draught induction system. Dry sump lubrication, with fully submerged rotary pump and removable filters. Massive crankshaft running on Hoffman roller and deep groove ball bearings with double roller big end bearing. Aluminium alloy dome top piston. Easily detachable cylinder head. Automatic lubrication to inlet valve. Downswept exhaust pipe, with efficient silencer, chromium plated. (Upswept exhaust pipe optional to order).

FRAME - New Type. Constructed with large gauge tubes of exceptional strength, giving great stability and low riding position. Embodies special features in design giving great rigidity with independently mounted engine.

FORKS - Tubular steel girder model T.T. type incorporating link action and central compression spring. Steering damper and single sided adjustable shock absorbers.

GEAR - FOUR-speed with positive change Foot Control and kickstarter.

TANK - Welded steel saddle tank, chromium placed with flush fitting Instrument Panel incorporating Ammeter and Switches, and fitted with knee-grips. Capacity 3 gallons. Separate Oil Tank capacity 4 pints. Armoured flexible Petrol and Oil pipes.

CARBURETTER - A.M.A.L. with downswept intake. Operated by twist grip and extra air lever on handlebar.

WHEELS AND TYRES - Steel hubs and chromium plated spokes and rims, fitted with 27" x 3" Front and 26" x 3.2S" Rear W.O. DUNLOP Studded Cord Tyres.

SADDLE - Large Dunlop supple cop. (Lycett or Terry optional).

BRAKES - Wide 6" internal expanding front and rear, with finger adjustments.

TRANSMISSION - Front and Rear 1/2" x .305" chains. Front chain totally enclosed in CAST ALUMINIUM OILBATH Case.

HUBS - All steel hubs fitted with 60 ton tensile steel spindles, large nickel steel chrome cones, and 5/16" balls.

MUDGUARDS - Strong ribbed sections steel guards. Hinged rear portion.

HANDLEBARS - Clean type, adjustable for both angle and reach. Twist grip control with external solid forged steel levers.

FINISH - Tank chromium plated, relieved with red panels. Exhaust pipe, silencer and all usual bright parts chromium placed.

EQUIPMENT - Full kit of tools, Tecalmit grease gun and grease. Electric Horn, Licence Holder and Prop Stand.


LIGHTING EQUIPMENT - Miller 6 Volt Dyno-Mag. (combined dynamo and magneto) Ignition and Lighting with fully enclosed drive and automatic chain tensioner. Variable ignition control on handlebar. 7" diameter Head lamp instantly dimmed by thumb switch on handlebar. Separate parking light.

WEIGHT - Approx. 285 lbs.

250 c.c. Model G.8

Code Word : "NORSE"