Excelsior Two-Stroke Models

EXCELSIOR history, which dates back to 1874, is marked by one continuous record of progress, and ever since the very early days of motorcycling " Excelsior " and " Two-Stroke " have been synonymous. The name has always been associated with high class productions, enjoying a world wide reputation. Every Excelsior, whether Two-Stroke or Four-Stroke, is backed by over 60 years' continuous engineering practice, and by more than a quarter of a century's practical experience in the motor industry. In placing these facts before you, we would emphasize that in the year 1898 we were pioneering the Motor Cycle through the trials and vicissitudes usually encountered at the birth of all great movements, and successfully emerged from that trying period with a greatly enhanced reputation.

To-day Excelsior maintains that proud reputation because we have profited by the wealth of experience gained through all these years - and by constant research.

Your purchase of a 1937 Excelsior can consequently be made with the fullest confidence, and in the knowledge that every Excelsior is a soundly constructed machine, individually built, by Specialists, with the highest quality materials throughout. This rigidly maintained standard of quality, always characteristic of Excelsior Machines, ensures for you as a rider the provision of maximum performance with perfect reliability in service.

If you require a Two-Stroke for Utility or Pleasure, a machine Economical in outlay and upkeep, comfortable to ride and satisfactory in continuous service, invest in an EXCELSIOR - the Hall Mark of perfection in a Two-Stroke.


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