Excelsior 1938 Warrior G9

Sale Estimate: $10000 - $20000


In terms of barn finds, you do not often come across better than this. Essentially complete, this is one of the rarest machines Webb’s has had the pleasure of offering. It has been owned by the same family since 1958 and legend has it that this machine is one of only three ever produced by the highly admired Excelsior (UK) marque which, during the 1930s, produced some of the most desirable high-performance machines of the day. Designated the G9, the 350cc powerplant was designed by the very capable Blackburne engineering factory which, at the time, had a reputation for building fast and reliable motors (in 1933, Excelsior produced a winning motorcycle with a special Blackburne engine known as the Mechanical Marvel – so called because of four radial valves opened by twin high-camshafts using push-rods and rockers, twin carburettors and drysump lubrication). However, as was pointed out to me by a certain Mr Barnes, 1936 was the last year of Blackburne engine manufacturing and it is likely that the last engines were cast and built in Birmingham and erected at Excelsior, this further reinforces the rarity of this machine. Thanks also to a certain Mr d’Orleans for helping me out on this one, such is the rarity of this machine. And good luck to the future custodian of the G9, its design lines and overall intent are genuinely focused. From the collection of Douglas Robert Johnson

Image and text courtesy Webbs Auctions
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