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498 c.c. V-twin James for 1923

Lines suggestive of speed and controllability distinguish the latest 498 c.c. V-twin James.
Interest on the James stand will be divided between the new 350 c.c. single, which made a creditable first appearauce in the Six Days Trials, and the redesigned 598 c.c. twin. Perhaps the latter deserves premier attention for it is one of a very small class nowadays, but a particularly attractive example. Detachable cylinder heads, a frame on the lines of the 350 c.c. model - i.e., with a much sloping top tube - and various engine making for greater efficiency are the chief improve ments. The 350 c.c. single is likewise a worthy example of its class, an ever-growing class in this case.
Olympia Show, November 1922
Credit: The Motor Cycle

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