1940 Norton WD Big 4 633cc combination

Priced at £13,500.00. This machine has come to us from the estate of an avid Norfolk military motorcycle collector, who sadly passed away last year. Although this was his dream military machine, he never got a chance to use it. We have now had her up & running, & test ridden it 8 miles on the road. Now this machine is ready for a good shakedown. This is the legendary Norton war time outfit with the driven sidecar wheel. Comes with a propshaft, & the remaining sidecar wheel drive parts are obtainable from Ron Piere on the South Coast. Benefits from having the latest DVLA V5C registration document, is MOT exempt under current government legislation & road tax is free as the machine is registered under the 'Historic Vehicle' class.
Image and text courtesy Andy Tiernan Classics

Norton Big Four

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