The Unapproachable Norton

Norton Model 18

Production Years: 1922-1953 [1]
490cc OHV, 79 x 100mm

J.L. Norton introduced his first OHV engine in 1922 using the same bore and stroke of the earlier SV incarnations, 79mm x 100mm.

The new machines were tested at Brooklands before being fielded at the IOM races. Success was forthcoming when, in 1924, Alec Bennett won the Senior TT.

The 1923 catalogue offered the Model 18 which before long became very popular indeed. It appeared in the winners circle in no end of events including the gruelling Maudes Trophy.

Initially the magneto was situated in front of the engine but was later moved to the rear. A four-speed CAV gearbox was fitted in 1925 and the chain drive moved to the right, allowing easier access for sidecar riders.

Saddle tanks were employed from the early 1930s along with better oil pumps, and the exhaust system was moved to the right side of the machine.

1. First appeared in the 1923 catalogue, which would have been issued in the latter half of 1922. It did not appear in the 1954 catalogue.

Source: nortonownersclub.org

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