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Norton Motorcycles 1909

1909 Stanley Show

NORTON, No. 86.

3½ h.p. Model: 82 x 94 mm.; a.o.i.v.; Simms magneto; Brown and Barlow carburetter, h.b.c.; fixed gears; Clincher tyres.

Norton Mfg. Co., Ltd., Floodgate Street, Birmingham.

The Norton motor bicycle remains practically unaltered for the coming season. One or two interesting improvements in detail have been embodied. One of these is the new exhaust lifter, which consists of a sleeve slipped over the exhaust lifter guide, on which there is a lug. A long arm hinged on one of the crank case bolts works underneath against this, thus lifting the valve in a particularly neat manner.

Three Norton machines are shown of standard length, and a specially short touring model is also exhibited. The design of the silencer is worthy of inspection, and is a distinct novelty, as the latter is practically of aluminium, the ends of which are turned over and clamped together. The Norton Mfg. Co. also show the new Simplex belt, consisting of chains, to the links of which V-shaped slips of leather are attached.

Stanley Show 1909

The Motor Cycle, November 22nd, 1909. Page 920