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An historical snippet:

The first Nortons were produced in England by James Lansdowne Norton in 1902-1903 marketed as Energette motorcycles and powered by French Clement engines. By 1908 the Norton concern was producing its own 633cc sidevalve engine which propelled the very successful Big Four.

During the 1930's Norton dominated road racing, winning almost all the major TT races from 1931 to 1938. After the war their success on the track continued until the late fifties when Italian multis heralded the end of an era for Norton.

Their commercial success continued unabated, however, until the Asian onslaught of the late 60's put the writing on the wall for the antiquated English manufacturing techniques.

British businessman Stuart Garner of Norton Racing Ltd purchased all of the trademarks and recent work relating to the Norton, Manx, Atlas, Commando and Dominator in October 2008.

Sadly, the firm suffered severely from Brexit and was engulfed in scandal. It collapsed in January 2020. Taken for a Ride

In April 2020 Norton Motorcycles was sold to TVS Motor of India for £16m.

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x.fallet at
1959 manx international
La moto possède t elle une carte grise ?
Quel est votre prix de vente ?
Quel est le prix prix d'un transport sur la France (Bordeaux)
Merci Cdlt
Translation: Does the motorcycle have a gray card? What is your selling price? What is the price of transport in France (Bordeaux)
Xavier Fallet

Assume you are referring to this page: Manx & Inter (Sold)

chrisbridgett at
Es2 1951
This is my es2 special. A previous owner fitted a new barrel with 92mm bore and the standard 100mm stroke giving something north of 600cc. It had a 19 tooth gearbox sprocket and was very geared down. It now has a 21 tooth and is much better use of the added torque. As the crankcase is stamped 92x100 it has probably been raced, in hillclimb I suspect.
Chris Bridgett

Norton-1951-ES2-665cc-CBr.jpg image posted to Comments.

tomhallah at
1930 model 18
Hi i am looking for a picture or discription of the crankcase breather behind the barrel. Mine has the disc the a spring the a brass piece another small spring and the the cap nut. The engine is not blowing the excess oil from the breather. I have been told it should only have the disc in there and no spring. Very grateful for any help. Thanks Tom
tom hallah
United Kingdom

Hunted through all my images and pdfs to no avail - have posted your message and hopefully someone will come back with an answer.
dalkeithj at
1952 long stroke 350 Manx
Hi there, I'm having my Manx motor rebuilt by Ken McIntosh. Can you supply me a new Oil Pump with an over size outside diameter of about 0.010''. Ken can machine down to size to fit my timing crankcase. If you only have finished pumps, can you tell me what the outside diameter is. For memory my pump bore diameter is 1.7495" I think this is standard, but will have to confirm this dimension with Ken. I purchased a pump off Mr Malonar just recently but his std pump diameters are 1.7485" which is to loose and not usable. [sentence omitted]
I'm also looking for a 71.5mm Manx piston. Can you make your own pistons? and can you give me a rough estimate cost, please , thank you.
Dalkeith Jackson
New Zealand

It seems possible that you have visited the Norton George archive and missed the introduction: Norton George
fps-24 at
"Incidentally, this machine is not original either. It is a short stroke es2 motor (now 84mm bore and 79mm stroke), downdraught inlet track, two spark plugs, and a lot of special bits inside! " ~ Norton George - Advice
I am looking for information on how to either make a down draught flange / track or who out there might provide this service. I'm have taken my old featherbed ES2 and made the proverbial bastard , doorman's Manx.
I have heard PushRod Performance does this - but I think he has since retired ?
Thanks for any info you can provide -
Thomas Lowe
Massachusetts, USA

There is a link to the PushRod Performance site here: British Resources
andrewberm at
I have a 1930 Norton model 19 and I absolutely love it. When I acquired the bike, it came with what I assume is the original sidecar. I am currently fixing up the sidecar a little and realized I know nothing about it including how to mount it or what type of sidecar it is. I stumbled upon your website and thought that perhaps you could help me
Andrew Berman

Careful examination of the sidecar chassis and boat may reveal information (ie model no.) giving clues to the make. Mounting the sidecar will require specialist knowledge.

Norton Model 19 sidecar image posted to Comments.

milesm at
Updated photo for you
(Later) Chassis is from a '56 domi 99 (I bought the frame, swingarm & a manx rear wheel from Norton George, who was a pal of mine) and the engine is a 600cc Butterworth swingvalve - Archie Butterworth was my great uncle. Lots on the 'net about him...
Miles McCallum
United Kingdom

The photograph is of the Butterworth "Swingvalve" Norton, referenced in this article in the George Cohen Archive: Butterworth

Butterworth images posted to Comments.

leefowler38 at
Norton flat tanks
Hi I was just wondering if you still have George's collection still together as I've just come back (2 months ago) from Birmingham motorcycle museum and love that era and I'd love to take a look if possible.
Mr L Fowler
Chard Somerset The George Cohen Archive is being developed in his memory. The Vintagent writes of the sale of his collection in 2016, and has a link to the page where it was advertised. That page is archived here: Machines

Norton International 1938

I attach a photo of my father with his Norton FLR445 which you have in your excellent collection. My father purchased the machine in the mid 1940s - more...

nortonmdle50 at
Norton Model 30 1935
Hello, I have really enjoyed reading your web page. My Norton, number 61537 has a chrome gas tank and more chrome on the brake dust covers. It has a bronze cylinder head. I saw no reference to the bronze head in your article. I read some where that they were a 5 pound option. Records indicate it is a Mans spec bike and was sent to Davies in Germany. The piston is missing and the mag looks to be in bad shape. Are the magneto common to other Nortons ? Thanks for your website.
David E Hedden
Walhalla, SC. USA Some 1934 models had bronze heads, so it's likely that a '35 Model 30 also had one as a standard factory option. The magneto would certainly be common to other models, and pistons will be available from specialist suppliers. A Model 30 page is under construction and information of this nature will be added. Ed.
kennythessle at
Norton 650ss 1962
i'm looking for a set of metal tank badges.
Hull uk.
r.collins255 at
Norton 16h 1929
Hi Sheldon. Do you know of anyone who has or is making headstock and the gearbox frame casting for saddle tank Norton's?
Robert Robinson-Collins

rforsey12 at
Norton Dominator 500 1955
I am now living in Madeira Portugal and considering selling my Norton which is in excellent condition throughout anyone who is interested please contact me for more imfo.
Richard Forsey

Gregorysimpson072 at
1948 Norton International
This is an original paint, un-restored, fully functional 1948 Norton International. It was completely overhauled roughly 10,000 miles ago, and everything remains in sound working condition.
San Diego, CA Image posted to Comments

 Thu, 01 Feb 2018
fscmaui at<
Norton triumphs Ducati

My father owned Frank Servetti Motors in San Francisco from the late 30's till 1970's I was just wondering if you ever heard of him<
Frankie Servetti Coleman
Kihei, Maui Hawaii USA

Thu, 07 Dec 2017
classicdream008 at<
Norton ES2 1935

Up for sale 1935 Norton ES2. with standard model 500cc OHV.This motorcycle has been set up by the previous owner in race with big carburettor, big narrow front wheel, big petrol tank, big brakes, Brookland exhaust, Bike is 2,20m long, Brakes , gears , clutch are working fine... A real driver for both, the roads and the race track. motorcycle comes with all document to confirmed the authenticity and year of construction. Image included. I'm asking $11,000 serious buyers only..
Wyoming USA

Norton-1935-ES2-Wyoming.jpg posted to Comments

Wed Dec 07 2016
robertdixon731 at
Norton 350T
Hi. Please find attached a picture of my 1947 Norton 350T. This is a matching numbers bike and just finished being restored. This is my bike and I thought you might like a picture of one for your records. You can use the picture on your web site.

Jan 2021.
Some time back I sent a picture of my rather rare Norton 350T.
This is the bike now restored.
Hope it is of use

Norton-1947-350T-RDixon-02.jpg posted to Comments

Sun Jan 11 2015
nortonatlas68 at<
Caliper piston seals
Norton Dual disc Dunstall 810 Commando
Could anyone direct me to a supplier for Dunstall dual disc caliper seals?
New Jersey, USA

Tue Jan 06 2015
alain.deneyer2 at
dominator barrel
norton 1954 dominator
Hi i'm looking for a cylinder barrel for a 1954 norton dominator 500 .

Wed Feb 11 2015
tmck117 at<
Wire diagram<
Norton G15 CSR 750 cc 1973 Matchless
Wiring diagram on G15 CSR 750 cc 1973 Matchless

Mon Dec 29 2014
riverseaent at<
Norton PA 11
Hello: I have a Norton Gearbox that I acquired with a Norton powered dirt tracker years ago. It has the numbers 84636 stamped on it. I would like to know what it is from (PA 11?), and its value. Thanks.

Tue Oct 08 2013
centeral oil tank
norton domminator 99
need to know what oil capascity is right

Sat Aug 24 2013
Original colour
Norton Dominator 1957 99
Please could you help with the original frame and tinwork colours for a 1957 Dominator Frame and engine numbers M14:74857. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks Andy
Nottingham UK
Info on classic motorcycle paint codes, etc.

Thu Jun 06 2013
Can you help with the original colours on my bike
frame no 122 810341
engine no 81034 122R

Sat Dec 15 2012
dunstall commando fairing mount
norton commando
Dear Sir,
i am looking for to buy a Dunstall Commando fairing mount.
Could you kindly help me? also with photos and misures of the item.
Looking forward.
Best egards.

Wed Jul 25 2012
what type of bike is this exactly
norton p11 ranger
vin number is G15cs/124056
united states

Mon Oct 03 2011
Data book
Norton 1962 650
I have a data book missing the front cover. Start page five ends page 72, covers several models but I drove a 750 Comando with a stage 4 kit (FAST) can anyone use this information? I do not want to disguard it.
BC Canada

Mon Oct 03 2011
Comando 750
I also have the engine book missing cover Pages 5 thru 84
BC Canada

Tue Sep 27 2011
Norton - 1946 - Engine 32438
Norton 1946
Hello There
I am looking for the whereabouts of my late fathers 1946 Norton - 500cc - Engine Number A3 2438 (See the attached photo)

This bike was originally owned by my late father, Tommy Taylor who lived in East London, South Africa. During the late 1950's and 1960's, dad was very much involved in Motor Racing especially in organizing the Grand Prix in East London - South Africa.

In 1957, dad and mom along with Mr Ginger Johnson, became the first people to ride motorbikes up Sani Pass from South Africa into Lesotho - then called Basutoland. (My folks rode the 1946 Norton and Ginger Johnson rode a Bantam 200cc) The attached photo was taking in 1957 and is my late mother sitting next to this 1946 Norton outside the Sani Pass lodge. I understand the front / rear suspension of the Norton was modified especially for this epic trip.

Since this trip the 1946 Norton stood in our East London garage until +- 1976 when my dad swopped the bike for camera to his late friend Jimmy Mahaffey in Bloemfontein. At the time Jimmy Mahaffey had numerous other motorbikes and it appears that he did not keep the bike for long but sold it to someone else.

In total my dad owned 3 Norton bikes.
(1) A 1937 Norton that I managed to locate and purchase after standing in someonès garage for 45 years. I am presently commencing with the restoration of this bike.
(2) A 1962 650cc Dominator that dad gave to me just before his passing away.
(3) The above 1946 500cc Norton that I would desperately like to locate.

Any information regarding the possible whereabouts of this 1946 Norton - Engine A3 2438 is gratefully appreciated.

Thank you
Peter Taylor
P.O.Box 630
Cape Town
South Africa
Cell 0849706499
Cape Town South Africa

Wed Jul 06 2011
1929 big 4
Norton big 4
Attached picture of a big 4 you may use in your web. The bike is mine.

Fri Jun 24 2011
Can you identify what this bike is exactly?
1964 Norton Cafe
I recently bought this 1964 Norton 750 Cafe. I'm trying to figure out exactly what I've purchased. Vin Tag says it is a 64 Cafe Type, but my title says it is a 71. It appears to me to be a dunstall. Is it possibily one of the 750 S/S made that year? The person I bought it from claimed it was all original and it shows 2300 original miles on the odometer. Any info would be helpful. Thanks, Brad
Lodi, CA

Well it certainly does have some original parts on it - but not that many, and certainly not all from the same model. What is the engine number, frame number and gearbox number, please? Ed.

Sun May 22 2011
jcandkate<at>bigponddot com<
Oil tank mount points
Norton 1957 Model 99
Does anyone have a parts drawing showing oil tank,mount rubbers & brackets etc. for a 1957 Norton Dominator 99 ?

Tue Feb 08 2011
What is this sidecar please
Noxal ? Norton
Hi, I recently dragged this outfit of my fathers from the shed. I know its a '47 Norton 16H but I am trying to find out what the side car is. It attaches with 4 mounts to the bike. The rear one is a swivel but the rest are fixed. It has elliptic springs and two coils at the front. The box is all timber with a fold down rear tailgate.

Tue Jan 04 2011
mkwambold<at>aoldot com<
1971 commando paint
norton 750 commando
i`am looking for the oem color heavy flake orange on my norton commando is this oem or somthing aftermarket thanks mike

Wed Nov 03 2010
chain cover& oil tank cover
Norton atlas 750
looking for an oil tank cover and a chain guard

Sat Jul 31 2010
howlee<at>livedot com<
Norton International Oil Tank
Norton International
I have an oil tank for a 46-49 Norton International, I'd like to sell it.

Fri Jun 25 2010
robertdixon731<at>hotmaildot com<
Norton 16H
Here is a picture of a 1950 16H Norton. There is not one on your page. This is a recently restored one that I own.
Northern Ireland

Thu May 06 2010
arread56<at>gmaildot com<
Commando 1971
Looking for decals for the tank & side covers, do you have some? can you send photos?
Abu Dhabi

Sat Mar 06 2010
dalenaber<at>aoldot com<
Akront Rim<
Norton Commando
My newly aquired 1974 Norton has a cracked front Akront rim 1.85 x 19 40 spoke. I need a replacement. Please help.
Los Angeles

Mon Feb 22 2010
mitchskaggs at hotmaildot com<
norton Electra
Norton Electra
Not having any luck regarding Norton Electra 450...any suggestions?
thnx! mitch

Sun Jan 24 2010
inclarkk at yahoodot com<
Dunstall tank & seat
Norton Commando 850
Does anyone know who can make a dunstall tank & seat for a commando.

I think Classic Motorcycle Fibreglass does the seat - not sure about the tank.

Sun Jan 17 2010
annajeannette at btinternetdot com<
Norton Manxmn 650 for the USA
norton manxman 650
you hve not got photos of a norton manxman the first 650cc built nov 1960 I own a janury 8th 1961 built norton manxman
it may be the oldest 650 in the uk

Thu Nov 05 2009
mtkl4 at embarqmaildot com<
paint codes
Norton Commando Fastback 1970
I would like to paint bike in burgandy and silver,need codes. Thank you, Mark G.
New Jersey

Info on classic motorcycle paint codes, etc.

Wed Aug 19 2009
hddorman at hotmaildot com<
finding out about a norton
norton es2
can anyone tell from engine and frame numbers when my bike was built. they are P4 81844. thanks

Fri Aug 07 2009
eliasbruno23 at
Elias Bruno Ribeio

¡Hola! amigos:
Si me enviáis un e.máil, yo os enviará mi información sobre mi trabajo en el motor rotativo Wankel.
Busco a un patrocinador para poner en la práctica mi trabajo en un motor rotatorio NORTON O MAZDA.
La idea mas importante asegura la estanqueidad permanente entre las cámaras de trabajo del motor , esta idea, está patentada.
Esta es una traducción de Internet.

Hello! Friends:
If you send an e.máil, I you will be sent by my information about my work in the engine rotary Wankel.
I look for a sponsor to put in the practice my work in a rotating engine NORTON OR MAZDA.
The idea mas important the permanent TIGHTNESS assures between (among) the chambers (cameras) of work of the engine, this idea, is patent.

Sat May 23 2009
iaido7 at hotmaildot com<
to buy
norton fastback
looking for fastback parts, rearsets or complete bike
new zealand

Wed May 20 2009
jim at
Low vibration lightweight Norton pistons & longer rods
Norton twin 750/850 Commandos & featherbeds
New low vibration/lightweight Norton pistons and longer rods: (404)

Mon Feb 02 2009
gbotes at
Serial number
Manx 1960 (R)
The number on my frame is R 11 M which tells me it is a 1960 Manx but if you look at the serial number guides it saya that a 11M2 is a featherbed Manx. I do not understand this as my R11M is a featherbed frame. Can you help me?
South Africa

Try this page for serial number information

Wed Nov 12 2008
barryseivers at
centre stand
norton 1970 commando
im looking for 2 into 1 into 2 centre stand

Wed Nov 05 2008
silvanoromagnoli at
Norton CS1 made1929
Hello I am restoring a Norton CS1 and I need a gear level to Sturmey Archer.
Is there someone can help me?
Thanks Silvano

Sat Mar 29 2008
protomail at
1957 dunstall dominator?
Norton Dominator 99
Hi, I am wondering if you know anyone to talk to about my Dominator. It is very low mileage and has been sitting since 1960. I found it has twin carbs and in looking further it has been beautifully ported and then i found the most amazing rocker arms... polished or alloy like surgical instruments. I suspect this is a Dunstall engine. It is a numbers matching bike. I am having a problem with the woodgate site. I would love to talk to an expert. I can supply pics if needed. Please respond via email if possible.
Many thanks, Peter

Tue Mar 25 2008
vocs at
pushrod engine
norton `1948 500 single
i need to find out the valve and ignition timing but not having any luck p.s standard cams not 'q'
adelaide australia

Mon Mar 10 2008
claimgrd at
value of
Norton Motocycle N15CS
Wanting to sell Norton N15CS 1967 motorcycle need to know the market value.

See the page on Classic Motorcycle Valuations

Mon Feb 18 2008
cycleworksusa at msndot com<
What is it
Norton N15CS123895
A good friend of mine inherited this bike from his dad. the title says it's a 1960. What reading I've done indicates it's arround 1965 to 1967. His dad perchased the bike in 1969 second hand.

The N15CS was built from 1967 to 1969, I believe, and was basically the same as the Matchless G15CS.
Try this page for serial number information

Thu Jan 31 2008
farrarsteve at yahoodot com<
fireflake royal blue /original color
1973 norton commando roadster 850 commando roadster
I am trying to find fireflake royal blue paint.
This is the factory original color of my 1973 Norton Commando Roadster.Does any one know where this color paint can be purchased.

Tue Jan 29 2008
gixxer-24 at yahoodot com<
Norton ES400
Norton 1963 Electra 400
Found in the back of a barn / bike shop in florida.looking to sale

Sat Jan 12 2008
www.motomike76 at yahoodot com<
Norton 1974 850 commando
I have a Norton resto. going on and I need to know of all possible colors the bikes came in. Does any body have an idea where to find this out? Thanks

Sat Dec 29 2007
stevenj308 at yahoodot com<
Rear brake lever return spring?
62 Norton Dominator "99"
I have a 62 Norton that has been Dunstall equipped. I seem to be missing the return spring for the rear break lever. Do you have any idea how or wear he put the return spring, as the original spring was located at the brake lever mount on the frame and not at the lever on the backing plate for the rear brake. Thanks for any help you may have.
St. Petersburg, FL. USA

Mon Nov 12 2007 at hotmaildot com
Norton Parts
1970-1974 Commando 750 & 1969 Fastback
I have parts available for 750 engines &...
Brand new head used head ,brand new cylinders,bottom end Crankshaft (counterweighted) new,case covers ,fastback seat,rearfender,gastank,etc.Doug at (780)952-5428
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Wed Sep 19 2007
fa085977 at
750 commando fastback 1973
Hi; i am looking for the number of the paint of britisch racing green for my fastback
can 't anywane help my please
greetings en thanks in advance


Thu Aug 30 2007
valevale5 at
I am looking for a norton big 4 ( 633 cc)
 Do you have one for sales?
thank you


It has been a while since I wrote to you.
I have recently completed my Manx Norton racing bike and thought you may like to see the model and add it to your web site. This kit was an Itelarei and went together really well.
My next bike will be an AJS "Boy racer" racing bike, hopefully this will go together as well as the Norton. One bike I am looking for is the Matchless G50 racing bike to finish my British bike collection.
These bikes are quite expensive on Ebay and don't come up very often.
Enjoy my pics of the Norton,
Best regards,

More of Ken's models on the Scale Modelling page

Tue Jul 24 2007
alel-cbb at yahoodot com
EKO'S Norton 1956
Eko's Norton 1956... from Classic bikers batavia (jakarta) Indonesia

Ipin's Norton.. he is mechanic classic motorcycle.. hès from Classic bikers batavia (jakarta) Indonesia

Fri May 25 2007
norton1968 at hotmaildot com
rear fender and slimline tank badges
68 norton atlas
I would interested in purchasing these items or locating a dealer of such items

Fri Mar 09 2007
svruss at
mk111 starter motor
Norton Commando 850ES
Trying to track down information on different stater motors, there are rummors of a Harley one and a Volvo marine one? has anyone any ideas of either. thanx Russ

Wed Feb 21 2007
jillywov at bigponddot com
NORTON 500 1930 - 1935
hi guys my husband has this norton 500 which he believes is a around a 1930 - 1935 model. it still goes, the seat is as big as a tractor seat, hard and is a bone cracker. we are interested in knowing the value of this machine.
Q.L.D. Australia

See the page on Vintage Motorcycle Prices

Thu Jan 25 2007
coxyofmingelane at
norton gearbox
Dominator 99
My 99 was registered on 12-12-55.It was fitted with a norton box. Anybody know approx,how many were fitted with this box,as i believe amc boxes were fitted in 1956.

Sat Jul 08 2006
admin at
look on shelbynyc website for a black commando in new york, owned by musician called Cummins I think, in a band called Shelby, also races a Dommi
Chelmsford UK

Wed Jun 07 2006
bonnettoboot at
black norton 750
we need one for a movie shoot in LA on the 10th Anyone help?
Los Angeles

Fri Jun 02 2006
wilsonmc1 at
Norton 750 Cylinder Barrel
Norton Commando
Can You Tell Me If there Is a 750 Commando Cylinder Barrel Made. That Looks Like a 850 Barrel, But 750 cc In Bore Size.

Mon Mar 27 2006
jimparsons11 at aoldot com
Norton Engine
Hi i am looking for a 1928 500cc CS1 norton engine also can anybody tell me what price i want to be paying

Sun Mar 05 2006
verasimo at
sono un collezionista italiano vorrei conoscere i numeri telaio motore dei norton international 1932 fino al 1935

Sun Feb 12 2006
dapwolfe at
Tank knee pads
who is selling good quality rubber kneepads to suit 1940 16H/Big4

Fri Dec 16 2005
chandan56mallik at yahoodot com
Norton 1949-50 Plunger Type
Can anyone recommend me where I can find a complete engine with gearbox.
Can a later model engine be fitted in this frame?

Chandan Mallik/Dubai

Thu Dec 08 2005
nelo6559 at yahoodot com
1953 Dominator
Hello, I have a 1953 Norton Dominator (plunger Frame) all the body work is done,powder coat, paint and plating. The engine and trans needs checking but they are complete. I know very little about Norton and was thinking of finding someone to complete this bike or sell it. I live in the Los Angeles area, do you know of anyone in my area that can help? Thanks
Bill Nelson

Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005
subject: norton 1973 850 commando
Can anyone tell me if a company in staffordshire called fairspares still exist, and if so can you help with address or website. thankyou. terry

See the Norton Forum

February 5th 2005
Norton Brochure 1938 on Ebay UK
Vendor's Description:
This is a brochure book for the Norton range of motorcycles and sidecars of 1938. It was issued ‘as a guide to discriminating motor cyclists in their choice of model….' and besides listing and illustrating the then current range, with prices, it gives a comprehensive record of Norton success in sporting events around the world.

January 23rd 2005
Item on Ebay UK
Vendor describes it thus: "Norton Motorcycle Sales Catalogue 1952
Featuring Big 4, E.S.2, International, World Champions - Geoff. Duke 350cc & 500cc (times and title), Dominator, 500T, Specifications, Guarantee.
Printed in England Pre 1952. "

January 19, 2003
Hi Sheldon,
When it comes to barn fresh or basket cases it depends on ones ability and resources. I guess time has something to do with it as well.
Attached are some photos of my first barn/basket that I brought back to life. Granted this one was my project while in Motorcycle Mechanic school and had the help of a master wrench. I think it turned out better then what it had been new. I sure drove and sounded better.
Seth -- SWDorfler at aoldot com<

November 4, 2002
Norton 500cc 1953 2 cylinder...
See the Norton Forum

April 24, 2002
I am trying to buy a Norton Dominator 99 600cc but it has a broken connecting rod...
See the Norton Forum

September 15, 2001
My name is Huw Huws. I come from North Wales. I have been racing a "Norton F1" at pure road races in Ireland and the Isle of Man the past few years.
I have some sponsors who have been loyal.
I always spend more money than I get in.
I'm on the net looking for helpers; money is best but good Ideas always Welcome.
Visit my web site at 404

If you ever fancied helping out a race team get in touch. All Sorts of things need doing.
A link to your sit would help.
Just get in touch.
Don't be shy.
Thanks for listening

Norton Motors International - Norton Reborn?

June 18, 2001
Dear Sirs:
I stumbled across your site and thought I'd send you a rough photo of one of the incarnations of my Norton. It has changed since this shot and has a few more changes and of course a new color. -- Michael Homs, --  michael.homs at us.gambrodot com

May 21, 2001
Here is a picture of my commando MKIII . Modifications :- Engine & gearbox built by Norman White . skimmed ported head . PW 3 camschaft . Standard carbs with bell mouths . Boyer ignition & powerbox . Norman White belt drive . Norvil fairing (Norman White fairing bracket custom built) uprated lockheed racing brake caliper RGM large floating front disc . Grimeca rear master cylinder on RGM rearsets . 18" wheels front & rear with metzler tyres .

Although this bike is fairly standard it goes like a train handles superbly & stops !!!! In fact it quite scares some modern riders .

Check out the Norman White web site -- Nigel Moore -- Moore.Music at

Norton Hi-Rider This is a '75 Mk III that someone has replaced the original beancap silencers (that were usually replaced with peashooters, anyway) with aftermarket shorties. -- Steve Midgley MRA #269, Utah Ducati [404]

If you have a query about Norton motorcycles please contact us