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Norton Jubilee 250cc

From the 1959 Catalogue...

Norton 1959 Jubilee 250

Norton leads again - and proudly presents the only British motor-cycle powered by a 250 c.c. Twin-cylinder four-stroke engine, with unit construction gearbox.

Some Outstanding Features of the Jubilee 250

The 'Jubilee 250' is a supreme example of Norton craftsmanship and enterprise. Here is a new conception from stem to stern, embodying the most up-to-date protective styling and practical design. It is Britain's first motor-cycle powered by a 250 c.c. O.H.V., twin engine- gearbox unit, providing abundant power throughout a wide speed range, combined with excellent fuel economy and incredibly easy starting. The modern two-tone finish is available in a choice of pleasing colour contrasts.

The rubber-cushioned 11 spring-on dual seat is removed to show compact tool tray; also the combined dip stick and oil filler cap.

The rigid "one-piece" crankshaft contributes in no small measure to the smooth power of this outstanding unit.

Battery, carburetter and clutch cable adjuster are readily accessible. Half-a-turn with screwdriver or coin on quick action fasteners removes side panel.

Norton 1960 Jubilee 250

From the 1960 Catalogue...

Introduced last year, this addition to the Norton range achieved immediate popularity. An attractive two-tone bodystyling is combined with a robust 250 c.c. twin cylinder four-stroke engine-gearbox unit to create a machine which is an outstanding advancement in motor-cycle design. Proved under the most arduous conditions, it provides abundant power throughout a very wide speed range, combined with excellent economy in fuel and extremely easy starting. The modern two- tone trim is available in Red and Dove Grey, Blue and Dove Grey, Green and Dove Grey.

Jubilee 250 De-Luxe

From the 1961 Catalogue...

This model, with its modern styling and robust 250 c.c. overhead valve engine, is one of the most popular machines in the range. It is equally suitable for town work or for fast touring. The specification of the Jubilee De-Luxe embraces large 7 inch headlamp, re-styled front forks, dual seat positively retained by a quick action fastener, improved contact breaker providing individual timing of each cylinder, and crankshaft in Nodular Iron material.

A fully enclosed rear chaincase is available as an optional extra. Attractive frnish in Blue and Dove Grey.

Jubilee 250 Standard

Essentially a machine for the enthusiast, tbe Jubilee 250 Standard has the same brilliant power unit as the De-Luxe model. This extremely robust, twin cylinder, four-stroke, combined engine and gear box unit, provides abundant power throughout the speed range with excellent fuel economy and extremely easy starting. Front forks, large head-lamp, and dual seat are the same as the De-Luxe, but lighter mudguards and light Styling panels combine to give a sporting appearance to this machine. Straight handlebars are available. Smartly finished in Red and Dove Grey.