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Norton Motorcycles of 1924

4000 MILES

In September and October of the same year (1924) Norton Motors, Ltd., organised a peculiarly interesting test, the route consisting of four journeys from end to end of Great Britain. The total mileage was even greater than that in the historic Raleigh trip, amounting indeed to 4000 miles, under A.C.U. observation. An interesting feature of this test was that one outfit - a 633 c.c. sidevalve Norton with sidecar--was erected from stock parts chosen by an A.C.U. representative and assembled under his observation. At the end of 3905 miles the outfit was badly damaged through colliding with a motor coach, but, in spite of that, it was repaired by the rider. P. Pike, and the test was successfully concluded with 20 consecutive ascents at Porlock Hill.

A report on the 1924 Motor Cycle Show in Motor Sport Magazine reads, in part:

NORTON. Stand 58.

Nortons are concentrating for the coming season on machines ... for solo and sidecar use. The big four has been slightly modified, and is now fitted with a larger diameter brake, of the internal expanding order. Its price is to be £670. The highest priced model is the overhead valve speed model, which is to cost £480.

Norton Motors Ltd., Bracebridge St., Birmingham.