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Norton Motorcycles of 1960

Manx 30 & 40, ES2, Dominator 88 & 99, Jubilee, Model 50

Norton 1960 Sales Brochure Introducing the 1960 bodystyled Norton


Unsurpassed reliability, incredible roadholding qualities, superbly designed for comfort and safety, and now bodystyled for enhanced appearance, that is the Norton achievement for 1960.

Sixty years of practical experience and endeavour have gone into the production of the new range, during which time, Norton have won 32 T.T. races as well as hundreds of races all over the world, a record without equal in motor cycling and a tribute to the quality and reliability of Norton machines.

Look thoroughly into the new Norton machines and you will appreciate the superb craftsmanship, style and finish of these aristocrats amongst motor cycles.

Ride one to experience the power, riding comfort and roadholding qualities for which they are so famous. This is indeed the machine you will be most proud to own.


1st R. McIntyre (Norton)
Record speed: 97.77 m.p.h.
Nortons also 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th.
Record lap: R. McIntyre 98 35 m.p.h.

500 c.c.
1st R. N. Brown (Norton)
at 90 22 m.p.h.

1st: Briand/Bargetzi (Norton) Record distance: 1,840.79 miles 76.69 m.p.h.

350 c.c.
1st A. King (Norton)
Record speed: 97.01 m.p.h.
Record lap: 98.26 m.p.h.
Class Handicap
1st J. Adam (Norton)
500 c.c.
1st R. McIntyre (Norton)
Record speed: 101.21 m.p.h.
Record lap: 102.57 m.p.h.
2nd P. Middleton (Norton)
3rd J. R. Holder (Norton)

1st E. Hinton (Norton)
2nd T. Phillis (Norton)
1st E. Hinton (Norton)
2nd T. Phillis (Norton)
3rd D. Leadbetter (Norton)
Record lap: 93-66 m.p.h.


Senior Race
1st T. Phillis (Norton)
2nd E. Hinton (Norton)
3rd R. Miles (Norton)

Fastest lap: Hinton & Phillis
78-26 m.p.h. (record)

1st J. G. Hempleman (Norton)
2nd N. McCutcheon (Norton)
3rd R. Newbrook (Norton)

Record lap: Hempleman & McCutcheon
88 m.p.h.

Norton Model ES2 500cc Single

The popularity of this remarkable machine continues all over the world. More than half of the production is exported each year and, as evidence of the confidence placed in its reliability, R.A.C. Patrolmen have covered over 100,000,000 miles on these machines during the last ten years.

A bonded clutch and modified gear ratios have been introduced to make gear changing smoother and allow the rider to take full advantage of the flexibility of the famous single cylinder engine.

Fully enclosed rear chain case is available as an extra; straight handlebars are optional. Colours: Forest Green or Black and Silver.

Norton Model 50 350cc Single

Identical in specification to the model ES.2 except for a smaller engine capacity, this machine is equally famous for its reliability and capacity for hard work. Modified gear ratios and a bonded clutch are improvements in this year's model. The lively single cylinder engine, "Featherbed" frame and world famous "Roadholder" front forks are features which contribute to the success of this splendid machine.

More... Model 50

Norton Model 88 Dominator DE-LUXE

This year Norton introduce the De-Luxe model of the famous Dominators - better looking, more powerful, more comfortable than ever. By partially enclosing the rear end of the machine, this model has been given the new body-styled look which, together with the smart two-tone colour scheme, makes the Dominator De-Luxe a very attractive machine. A more comfortable riding position has been achieved by slimming the new two-tone tank, frame and dual seat. Engine performance has been improved by fitting absorption type silencers, a modified valve lift curve, improvements to inlet manifolds and a restyled cylinder head and barrel. Full advantage is taken of improved engine performance by modified gear ratios and by introducing a bonded clutch. Straight handlebars can be specified. Totally enclosed rear chain case, polished ports, high-compression pistons, 8-2 to 1, are available as optional extras.

The 88 De-Luxe is a 500 c.c. version of the 99 De-Luxe, incorporating all the new features with the exception of the new cylinder barrel. High compression pistons 9 0-1 available as an extra.


Norton Red: Combines with Dove Grey lor the two-tone trim on the 88's, 99's and Jubilee.

Norton Blue and Dove Grey for the two-tone trim on 1he 88 & 99 De-Luxe A Jubilee.

Forest Green: Models E.S.2 and 50 are available in this colour which also combines with Dove Grey on the 88 A 99 De-Luxe and the Jubilee 250.

The Norton Dominator was selected for the Design Centre, London; a tribute to its fine classic line.

Norton 88 STANDARD 500 cc TWIN

This year's Models 88 and 99 Standard retain all the characteristics which have made these machines the most admired in the world. The improved engine is identical to that of the De-Luxe models, and the same modifications have been made to the tank, frame and seat to give greater riding comfort. The new gear ratios and bonded clutch allow full use to be made of the increased engine power.

Both models are now available in modern two-tone colour schemes of Red and Dove Grey, Black and Dove Grey, or Two-tone Grey, with the new contemporary tank motif. Optional extras: Fully enclosed rear chain case, polished ports, high compression pistons. Straight handlebars (illustrated), optional.

Norton 1960 Models 88 & 99 Features

FEATURES which make your dominator the most outstanding machine in the world

Front Hub: full width 8" dia. lightweight polished alloy, extremely efficient and well ribbed for quick heat dispersal

World-famous "Roadholder" front forks contribute to the superb handling and fatigue-tree steering of these powerful machines

This famous "Featherbed" frame is slimmed slightly to improve riding comfort. Its great lateral rigidity and torsional resistance is mainly responsible lor the outstanding road-holding qualities of the Dominators

A clean, efficiently cooled, light alloy twin head with integral rocker boxes, and on the 99's a new type cylinder barrel having deeper cooling fins.

Rigid crankshaft with built-up flywheel carried on ball and roller bearings.

Restyled two-tone tank with the smart new Norton motif.

Norton 1960 Jubilee 250

Introduced last year, this addition to the Norton range achieved immediate popularity. An attractive two-tone bodystyling is combined with a robust 250 c.c. twin cylinder four-stroke engine-gearbox unit to create a machine which is an outstanding advancement in motor-cycle design. Proved under the most arduous conditions, it provides abundant power throughout a very wide speed range, combined with excellent economy in fuel and extremely easy starting. The modern two- tone trim is available in Red and Dove Grey, Blue and Dove Grey, Green and Dove Grey.

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