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Panther 1938 M100 Dusting Sidecar

M100 1938 Panther with a Dusting side car with sling type seat. The machine was made by P&M Motorcycles in England and was a very popular bike as it came with a sidecar option.The M100 is a single cylinder 600cc engine ,I have done some research about the bike on the internet but as the bike is not that common I did not find a great deal of information.This Vintage bike I believe may be the only one in Australia. I purchased the bike 5 years ago and was told that it was restored by the original owner many years ago. The restoration job is a bit rough as it was done by a 70 year old,the side car guard has not been properly prepared along with a few minor dents on number plate and tail light assembly. I am selling the bike as is, I have a Velocette that was my fathers bike and I need funds to complete this. The Panther was running when put in storage 2 years ago but I am unable to start it at the moment it could be something to do with the carby? I rode the bike to the storage container when it went to storage. I have some documents that came with the bike but they are only copies and not of much importance.
[Probably the Ebay description. Ed.]

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