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Panther M75 Motorcycles

  • Produced 1948-1962. 348cc single-cylinder engine.

The Model 75 Panther motorcycle had a 348cc, 6.5:1 (later 6.7:1) compression ratio, 71 x 88 mm, ohv vertical engine in a relatively standard frame. It was developed from the 1948 Model 70. In many respects it was similar to the 248cc Model 65.

The Model 75 had Lucas K1F magneto ignition. The gearbox was Burman CP four speed unit with a ratio of 5.25:1. The frame was a heavy duty cradle with a single saddle down tube. A swinging arm model was introduced in 1953. The Dowty forks that initially provided front suspension were later replaced with the P&M telescopic forks. Wheels were 26" x 3.25" front and rear initially with 6" half width hubs and later optional alloy hubs were offered.

This model was largely a development of the Model 70.[1]

1948 - Production of the new 1949 model commenced in October

1949 - The Model 75 was launched as a rigid.

1951 - 6.5" Rear brake replaces 6" unit. Stroud MkII version introduced

1952 - Colour scheme change

1953 - A swinging arm version was launched featuring new P&M telescopic forks.

1954 - Dowty forks replaced by P&M forks. Rigid model last manufactured. Improved swinging arm rear frame introduced.

1955 - New alloy wheel hubs introduced

1956 - 3.25 gallon tank replaces 3 gallon tank, Amal monobloc introduced, colour change

1957 - Dualseat became standard

1962 - Swinging-arm version last manufactured. End of the line for 350 cc four stroke lightweights.

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