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Panther 1936 Models at the Olympia Show

AMONG the Panthers displayed by Geo. Clarke (Motors), Ltd., at 3, Hammersmith Road (opposite Olympia), is a new model, the 350 c.c. “85.” This is a variation of the existing “80” (also on show), and is of somewhat heavier construction to make it suitable for sidecar work.

While the general specification is that of the “80,” a larger tank is fitted, a heavyweight foot change gear box is used, and a shock absorber is arranged in the rear wheel sprocket. The price, fully equipped, solo, is £54 15s.

Apart from the 350 c.c. models there are several examples of the “90” and “ 100” models, with 498 c.c. and 598 c.c. engines.

Models are shown solo and with various types of sidecars, and examples of the Panther twin head lamp equipment are included.

Red Panthers

THREE Red Panthers are featured in the Pride and Clarke display at 11, Hammersmith Road. These well-known machines have been considerably improved with regard to details since last year.

The popular 248 c.c. Standard Model 20, which forms the basis of the range, has a new type of crank case with a non-adjustable lubrication system and the oil filler orifice on the near side.

The timing case has been considerably improved in appearance, and is now polished. The price remains, inclusive of electric lighting, at £29 17s. 6d.

In appearance the 348 c.c. model is exactly the same as the Model 20, This model is priced at £35 15s.

The third model in the range—the Super Sports Model 70—is a de-luxe edition of the Model 20, and has a two-port cylinder head, high-level pipes, foot gear change, and a four-speed gear

The 1935 Olympia Show reported in The Motor Cycle, December 5th, 1935.