Panther Motorcycles

1964 Panther 120 S Canterbury Sidecar Combination


Panther Model 120 Specifications

Produced : 1959-66.
Engine: 650cc version of 600cc sloper with several improvements.
28hp at 4500 RPM, 649cc capacity (88x106mm) twin port engine with compression ration of 6.5:1
Ignition: Lucas Magdyno.
Carburettor: Amal Monobloc type 389-33
Transmission: Burman type BAP 4 speed gearbox
Petrol tank capacity: 4 gallons.
Frame: Rear swinging arm suspension with motor a stressed member of the frame.
Front forks: Telescopic heavy duty forks with sidecar trail built by P&M
Wheels: 3.25 x 19in front, 3.50 x 19in rear.
Brakes: Full width 8" alloy drums. Front, rear and sidecar wheels interchangeable.
Saddle: Dual seat.
Weight: 4261b.

Courtesy New Zealand Classic Motorcycles