British Motorcycles

Royal Enfield 1927 9.76 h.p. Dairyman Model 165

Royal Enfield 1927 9.76 h.p. Dairyman's Combination Model 165

We have sold large quantities of this type of outfit to dairymen, farmers, and green-grocers. It h the standard 9.76 h.p. Royal Enfield, with a wide and exceptionally strong chassis, having two additional points of attachment. This enables a milk float to be attached which is capable of carrying three milk churns, besides cans, tools, spares, etc.

Dimensions of milk float body - length, 4 ft. 6 in. ; width, 6 ft. 0 in.; depth, 1 ft. 7 in. Weight of Milk Float, Chassis, etc., 196 lbs. Overall length of Combination, 7 ft. 2 in.; width, 6 ft, o in.

Adapted from a catalogue available at Barnstormers NZ