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Dollar Motorcycle Models 1923-1939

Dollar 1924-1927

1924-27 Type CT 125cc & 175cc OHV Moser, chain drive
1924-27 Type BT 125cc Moser 2-speed belt drive
1924-27 Types DS, DSC 175cc Moser 3-speed chain drive
1924-27 Types ET, ETC, ES, ESC 250cc Moser OHV
1924-27 Type HS 350cc Moser OHV
1924-27 Type GTR 175cc Moser 3-speed, Tri a Moteur, two wheels and cart at front, single driven wheel at rear.
1926 Types ET and ETC "Comfort" 250 cc single cyl. 64 x 75 mm, 4 stroke Moser, belt drive
1927 Type I 175cc Chaise 2T
1927 Type K 350cc Chaise
1927 Type L 500cc Chaise OHC

Dollar 1928-1929

1928-30 Type I 125cc Chaise 2T
1928-29 Type DSC 175cc Moser 3-speed chain drive
1928-1930 Type P 250 cc single cyl. 66 x 73 mm, 3-speed OHV Chaise 3 h.p.
1928-29 Type N 250cc JAP SV
1928-31 Type O 350cc JAP SV
1929 Type G3 250cc Chaise OHV
1929-30 Type KSS Entretube, Chaise 350cc OHC, 75x79mm
1929-30 Type LSS Entretube, Chaise 500cc OHC
1929-33 Majestic (not marketed under the Dollar brand)

Dollar 1930-1935

1930 Types P4, P4S, R4, R4S, S4, S4S appeared.
1930-31 Type U 350cc JAP SV, Burman Gearbox
1930-31 Type V 500cc JAP SV, Burman Gearbox
1930-31 Type Y 350cc MAG, Burman Gearbox
1930-31 Type X 500cc MAG, Burman Gearbox
1930 Mobilette 100cc 2T
1930 Type R2 350cc Chaise, single-port
1930 Type R3 350cc Chaise, twin-port
1930-35 Type S2 500cc Chaise OHV twin-port
1931-34 Type R4 Luxe 350cc Chaise
1932-33 Type V4 750cc, 4 cyl shaft drive. Dollar V4.
1932-35 Type P4 Luxe 250cc Chaise
1933-35 Type P4S 250cc Sport, high exhaust.
1934-35 Type P2 248cc OHV.
1934-35 Types D2, D3 Velomoteur 100cc, 600-50 tyres.

N.B. Rear suspension and shaft drive was optional on all Chaise models 1930-34.

Dollar 1936-1939

1936-39 Type P35 250cc Chaise
1936-39 Type P36 250cc Chaise, inclined engine
1936 Type R36 and R36 "Normandie" 350 cc single cyl. 71 x 88 mm, 4 stroke, 10°, 2 port, Chaise
1936-1939 Type R9 350 cc single cyl., 4 stroke, 10° inclined 2 port Chaise engine.
1936 S4
1936 S4S
1936-1939 S536 Pullman
1936-1939 S536 Standard
1937-39 R9.2
1938 Type P36.2

In the mid-1950s Follis marketed motorcycles under the Dollar brand.

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