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A Brief History of the Marque

In the 1990s AJR built beautiful versions of the TSS 350 Bultaco.

Racing machines were entered in 2011/2012 grand prix races.

Typical specifications:

Stroke: 64 mm.
Bore: 83.2 mm.
Power : approx 50 hp at the wheel. Weight
Piston : 432 gr.
Distribution Cylinder: 4 Transfer Ports
Front brake : 4LS 210 mm Fontana Replica / Electron.
Brake rear : 2LS Electron.
Weight : 98 Kg. with fuel
Primary : 24/77 Secondary : First: 19/32 Second: Third 23/29: 25/26 Fourth, Fifth 28/25: 28 . / 23
Final Drive (According circuit): 15/33 (Assen)
Lubrication : Castrol A 747 Percent Preferably 1:25
Carburettor : 38mm Dell 'Orto.

Sources: Various

"AJR is specialized in producing racing motorcycles. Design and production of the bike and its components to be able to offer a vehicle capable to compete with the biggest manufacturers and to get best results. Our company DYS was responsible for marketing and communication for the years 2011 and 2012. AJR participated in the 2011 and 2012 Moto2 Spanish Speed Championship (CEV) and in 2012 in the Moto2 World Championship." (Edited)

A post on an Australian sales site reads: "AJR BULTACO TSS350 (two units). One is brand-new and the other is the current Spanish Championship leader (in the 350 2T/500 4T category). AJR (Factory bike) created a very limited number of Bultaco replicas in the 90s. The motorbikes come with many original spare parts. More pictures are available for interested people."

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