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Sunbeam 1929 Models

A Sunbeam advertisement for 1929 reads, "This season racing Sunbeam riders have won the Senior T.T. Race (1st and 2nd), Senior T.T. Team Prize, Italian T.T., French Grand Prix, Belgian Grand Prix, Hungarian Grand Prix, Austrian Grand Prix, ... sporting Sunbeam riders hove won the Colmore Cup, Victory Cup, Kickham Trophy, Southern Trial Trophy. Dunlop Trophy. etc."

The 1929 season saw the saddle tank fitted to most models, with other specifications remaining much as they were for the previous year. The 596cc, side-valve Model 7 is retained as a flat tank machine, intended primarily for side-car use.

1929 Model List:

Model 1: 347cc side-valve
Model 2: 347cc side-valve
Model 5: 492cc side-valve
Model 6: 492cc side-valve
Model 7: 596cc side-valve
Model 8: 347cc OHV
Model 80: 347cc OHV
Model 9: 493cc OHV
Model 90: 493cc OHV

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