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Sunbeam 1935 Models

The 1935 season saw the addition of a new 250, which joined the 350cc OHV Model 8, OHV Model 9 (500cc and 600cc), and the ever-popular Lion in 500cc and 600cc versions. The sporting 500cc OHV Model 95L is also available in racing trim as the 95R.

The new 250cc model has a distinctive crank case which encloses the oil pump, and a bought-in Burman gearbox. It has a high, double camshaft engine which earns it its 'Hi-Cam' name, whilst its pronounced bulbous silencer is probably its most distinctive feature. All this is held together in a duplex, cradle frame - all features that point to the future design for the model range as a whole.

Cycle parts

The Model 95 gets larger 8 inch brakes, improved forks and a stiffer frame to assist handling at speed.

The Model 95 has a large cut-away tank (for the saddle), whilst other models retain the standard tank with inset oil gauge and clock (except the 250cc model which has no inset items)

26 inch wheels are standard, except for the Model 95 which has larger, 27 inch wheels.

Sunbeam 'fish tail' silencers are common across the range.

Engine and gearbox

There is a new alloy cylinder head for the side-valve engines, plus a complex, Sunbeam-patented decompressor for all 500cc and 600cc machines, both OHV and side-valve.

The Model 8 gets a four-speed gearbox, which was introduced for other models in 1932.

1935 Model Range

250cc OHV Model
Model 8, 350cc OHV
500cc Side-valve Lion Longstroke
600cc Side-valve Lion Longstroke
Model 9, 500cc OHV
Model 9, 600cc OHV
Model 95L 500cc OHV, 85 mph on 50/50 petrol/benzol.
Model 95R 500cc OHV, 90-92 mph on 50/50 petrol/benzol.