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Sunbeam Speedway Model 1930

Sunbeam 1930 Models

For the 1930 season the range included both sports and touring versions of their 347cc and 492cc sidevalve models, basically unchanged from the previous year. Model 1 was the 347cc touring machine, Model 2 the sports. The Model 5 tourer had the larger 492cc engine, with a sports model as Model 6.

A flat-tank model remained in the catalogue, the 596cc side-valve Model 7.

The ICI-branded 'Lion' was a mid-season introduction to the side-valve range. Its pared-down-to-a-price appearance included a chrome tank with black panels, and Webb-style, centrally sprung, front forks. It was to become the basis of the factory's future side-valve range.

Models 8 and 9 are the 347cc and 493cc OHV machines, respectively. Each was available as a sporting version - the Model 80 and Model 90.

A speedway machine was also introduced which was fitted with the Model 9 engine.

1930 Model List:

Model 1 - 347cc side-valve
Model 2 - 347cc side-valve
Model 5 - 492cc side-valve
Model 6 - 492cc side-valve
Lion - 492cc side-valve
Model 8 - 347cc OHV
Model 80 - 347cc OHV
Model 9 - 493cc OHV. More on the Model 9 of 1924-1937
Model 90 - 493cc OHV
Speedway Model - 493cc OHV