Sunbeam Motorcycles

Erling Poppe

Born 1899 in Steyr, Austria

1911 Resided at 34 Westminster Road, Coventry with his parents Peter August Poppe (age 40 born Skogn, Norway), a motor manufacturer and employer and Frederick Emilie Poppe (age 33 born Horton, Norway). Their children: Erling Poppe (age 12), Gunnar Poppe (age 10, born Coventry), Olaf Poppe (age 4, born Coventry) and Ingerid (age 10 months, born Coventry).

Studied at Birmingham University.

1922-1930 Partner in Packman and Poppe (P&P), motorcycle producers.

1934 Works Manager at Dennis Brothers. Dennis Brothers had acquired White and Poppe in November, 1919. Erling's father Peter was an owner of that company, which had sold some 5000 engines to Dennis. His partner, Alfred White, was offered a knighthood after the war. He refused it because Erling, an Austrian national, was ineligible. [1]

Designed the Sunbeam S7 and S8.

1954 Designed the Gordon 3-Wheeler for Vernons Industries Ltd of Bidston.

1. Roald Dahl refused an OBE allegedly because he wanted a knighthood so that his wife would be entitled to be known Lady Dahl.

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