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Sunbeam Sport 1925 Model 7 Petrol Tank

Sunbeam 1925 Models

Sunbeam 1925 Model 1

Model l - 2¾ h.p. Standard. Price in Great Britain-72 guineas.

Sunbeam 1925 Model 2

Model 2. - 2¾ h.p. Sportng. Price in Great Britain-49 guineas.

The 1925 listing was basically unchanged from that of 1924, with 11 models on offer. Drum brakes, introduced the previous year, were now fitted across the range.

A new OHC engine powered motorcycles which did not excel at that year's T.T., which saw Sunbeam entered in both solo and sidecar events. The engines were of 350, 500 and 600cc, but development did not continue and they were not offered for sale.

During the twenties Sunbeam did very well in sprinting and hill-climb events due in the main to the work of George Dance who developed the firms' very fast 'Dance Specials'. These OHV 350 and 500cc competition machines were all but unbeatable, with Dance often winning everything on the day. He did dominated the field at both Brooklands and Pendine.

The Models 10 and 11 Sprint machines appeared in the 1925 catalogue but were discontinued because racing events on public roads had been prohibited after a fatal accident at the Kop Hill event that year.

Production of the Sprint was very limited.

The range for 1925 consisted of:

Model 1: 347cc side-valve, 2¾ h.p. Standard. Price 72 guineas.

Model 2: 347cc side-valve, 2¾ h.p. Sportng. Price 49 guineas.

Model 3: 499cc side-valve, 3½ h.p. Standard. Price 82 gutneas.

Model 4 Deluxe: 599cc side-valve, 4¼ h.p. engine. Price 84 guineas.

Model 5 Light Solo: 499cc side-valve, 3½ h.p. Light solo. Price 84 guineas.

Model 6 Longstroke: 492cc side-valve 3½ h.p. "Longstroke". Price 82 guineas.

Model 7: 599cc side-valve, 4¼ h.p. Four-speed. Price 100 guineas.

Model 8 'Parallel': 347cc OHV, 2¾ h.p. Price 85 guineas.

Model 9 'Parallel': 493cc OHV, 3½ h.p. O.H.V. Price 95 guineas.

Model 10 Sprint: 347cc OHV, 2¾ h.p, Price 85 guineas.

Model 11 Sprint: 493 OHV, 3½ h.p. Price 95 guineas.

Sunbeam 1926 Models

The 1926 catalogue remained the same as the previous year. Models 10 and 11 were discontinued mid-season.

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