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Sunbeam Models

1924 Sunbeam Motor Cycles Range Sales Brochure. Includes: 2.75hp Sporting Model, 3.5hp Standard Model, 3.5hp Light Solo Sunbeam, 3.5hp Long-Stroke

1936 Sunbeams M.C. Range Sales Brochure. Includes: Model 9 500cc, 600cc Side-Valve Lion Longstroke, 350cc, 250cc, 600cc, Etc.Etc. + Sidecars.

1946 Sunbeam S7

The first bike was made Dec 1946, number 101
The 1947 bike is no. 520, total 1947 production 419 units.
1948 starts with 521 and ends with no. 1800, total 1948 production: 1279.
Total S7 models made from 1946 to the end of 1948 is 1698.
Source: grandmabunny53<at>

Sunbeam S7 & S8

Sunbeam History

Excellent history and model guide at

colin.marshall2558 at
Sunbeam S7 Delux 1951

Dear Sir or Madam,
Do you know where I can obtain a copy of the Sunbeam S7 & S8 workshop manual in a PDF download format file.
So far, I have only been able to find Hard Copies of the manuals, and as I live in Thailand, where the post is far from reliable, and we tend to lose more mail deliveries than we receive here, the safest way is a direct download to my computer needless to say.
I have found many copies of the Parts book, and have downloaded them straight to my computer, but now I need to try and find a copy of one of the workshop manuals in PDF format from somewhere or some one!
Can you guys help me some how in my search?
Can you put me in touch with some one who has a copy on PDF file format so as I can download a copy from them.
I will pay the going rate for it, as I'm not asking it for free!
Please let me know if you can help me on the above Matter.
Best Regards & Thanks,
Colin Marshall

dsclassica a
Sunbeam S7 1952
Hello Sheldon
I'm looking for my Sunbeam S7 a contactless ignition, you can possibly help me there.
Siegenthaler Dieter

Wed, 03 Jan 2018
rbricciojr at<
Sunbeam S 8. 1951

Have this and 1961 BMW R 60/2 getting as part of settlement , have no interest in them want to sell , auction or have someone broker them.
Robert Riccio
Ocean city, MD USA

Thu, 28 Dec 2017
mail2ashraf.its at
Sunbeam S7

I ma writing to you from India. We deal in Classical bikes and cars for buy and sale as well as repair. This time I need the Distributor for my sunbeam. Do you deal in spare parts ?, if yes then what would be the cost .
Shahzad Ashraf
Allahabad U.P India

Wed, 11 Oct 2017
philstodart at<
250cc John Marston Sunbeam High Cam/OHV 1935 Sunbeam Complete!!! 1935

Hi, do you have, or are you able to help acquire a complete set of girder forks for a 250cc John Marston Sunbeam as described above. I believe they are Webb light or medium weight forks. Regards Phil Stodart.
Ashton - Cornwall United Kingdom

Phil was contacted by a scammer. More here

Tue Jun 20 2017
rharris at<
rear seat
Sunbeam S7 1952
I am looking for the rear seat for Sunbeam S7 1952. The one needed is mounted on the rear fender and screwed in the holes on the rear fender. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


Mon Mar 16 2015
pat at
sunbeam s7
I have a frame forks wheels , two sets of guards a head and some assorted parts for sale if anyone is interested

Tue Jul 22 2014
wbeech at
Sunbeam numbers
Sunbeam S7 Deluxe
Dear Sir,
Do you have any serial number data on the Sunbeam line that BSA produced from 1947-1956? Looking for anything that would satisfy my local DMV.
All the best,
William Beecher

Sun Jul 28 2013
Motorcicle parts
Sunbeam S7 1951
I have a Sunbeam S7 1951 motorcycle modified (photo) and need the original distributor. I would like to make contact with jimc<at> Thank you.

Sat Nov 10 2012
Sunbeam Model 9
Wanted Sunbeam Model 9 Parts Sunbeam Model 9
Hello. Wanted sunbeam model 9 top yoke and front whell.

Sat Jul 14 2012
16" wheel
sunbeam s7
I am looking for a 16" wheel for a sunbeam s7 motorcycle any leads would be of great help or is there another wheel from a different motorcycle maker that will fit also

Sun Dec 11 2011
Sunbeam S7
sunbeam 1947 & 1948 S7
You have been gaving wrong info on the number of 1946 to 1948 S7 that were made. The first bike was made Dec 1946 and was number 101 the last 1947 is 520 makes it 419.1948 starts with 521 and ends with 1800 making it 1279. the total S7 made from 1946 to the end of 1948 is 1698. I own 1 of 13 1947 S7 bike number S7-492 left in the world.

Wed Dec 07 2011
sunbeam s7
Sunbeam S7
I would like to buy a complete right side plunger assembly for a Sunbeam S7

Wed Oct 26 2011
sunbeam fuel tanks
sunbeam s7
I have read on the internet you have sunbeam replacement tanks,, please advise, cost as well as availability thank you for your time
denver colorado USA

Wed Jun 15 2011
msibbons at<
coil and condenser
Sunbeam S7 (1950)
I need a coil and condenser for a Sunbeam S7. Could you supply them and if so, how much will they be?
Lincoln, England 

Wed Mar 30 2011
sunbeam motorcycle parts
sunbeam i dont know
not sure what year or nodel the parts are from. some of my dads old parts
sheridan wyo. USA

Fri Feb 18 2011
Parts for sale
Sunbeam S7 - S8
Parts for sale Sunbeam S7 - S8

Fri Jan 21 2011
purirhn<at>yahoodot com<
Sunbeam S7 S8 replica body parts. Gas tanks, fenders etc
Sunbeam S7 S8
We are manufacturing replica Sunbeam S7 S8 gas tanks and all body parts for S7. We manufacture many other parts for vintage and classic British and American motorcycles, Classic scooters, WWII jeeps etc. Contact us for more details.
Delhi, INDIA

Tue Sep 21 2010
sunbeam S8 spare engine and bits
Sunbeam S8 S8
I have a S8 engine spare with a few bits do you know anyone interested

Sat Mar 06 2010
pjrodrigues71<at>hotmaildot com<
For sale
Sunbeam S7/S8
Seeing different parts for Sunbeam S7/S8

Mon Apr 13 2009
eastong at
Sunbeam Motor/ Gearbox for sale
1931 model 9 twin port motor and 1934 gear box 9
Above parts for sale. Location Australia

Mon Dec 08 2008
geoffreybuckingham at btinternetdot com<
parts wanted
sunbeam 1930 model 8 [350]
big end fly wheels shafts anything drive side shaft would help

Wed Nov 12 2008
ies at
Machines wanted
Sunbeam Longstroke or Model 9
If anyone is looking to sell flat tank Sunbeams please let me know. Especially, 1925-1926 Longstroke or later Model 9 I'm looking for.

Sat Nov 08 2008
kelly at
Serial number ID
Sunbeam Model 9 500
I have a Model 9 owned by my father when he was in England during the war. It is in going condition, however needs a couple of parts such as headlight, mufflers & fish tails, pillion seat.
The Engine number stamped on the gear shift (tank mounted) is 12A.519.0.2527.
Can you tell me the year of manufacture and if the parts/service manuals are available from anywhere. Thanks

Kelly Logan, Queensland, Australia
Toowoomba, Au
Limited information about Motorcycle Serial Numbers here: serial number information:

Wed Feb 06 2008
marius.pfister at
Link of our website
Hallo, please can you make a link of our website? Thank you Marius Pfister

Sunbeam Mod. 95
auf Anfrage
500ccm, OHV, Jg. 1935

Tue Jan 29 2008
rene at
buying parts
sunbeam s8
looking for some parts for s8 bike does anybody know where to go
Sorry, I do not have a photo.
But the parts I am looking for are;-cvc unit (voltage regulator)
-headlight globe times 2
-complete generator assembly.
All these items are for a sunbeam s8 6 volt bike.
Thank you.


Thu Dec 06 2007
david at
Front wheel
Sunbeam S7
Could you please tell me where the ball & roller bearing respectively fit in the front hub of the S7-its some time since I took it apart & I can't remember which goes in first.
Thanks.Dave Millward
Horwich, England

Wed Oct 24 2007
deetken at
info on 1929 bike
1929 Sunbeam 8LL 500cc racer
Anyone have information on this model?
Vancouver Canada

Thu Feb 01 2007
marc at
Sunbeam Lion
Lion 1935
Hi. Have just been given ownership of my Grandfathers Sunbeam Lion, that he brought new in 1935, sold to my uncle in 1948 and it stayed on the road until 1960.
A restoration was attempted in 1993, and is passable although not brilliant.
I am in the process of getting it ready for MOT and riding, has anyone got any instructions / help with regard to operating and starting, things to watch out for, any tips etc!. Only ever ridden post 1980 bikes to date!
Many Thanks

Bedford, UK

Sat Jan 20 2007
schmurf at
sunbeam s7 /deluxe
how doess the sidecar attach to the bike?
vic, aust.

Tue Dec 12 2006
woodhouse42 at btinternetdot com<
1921 Sunbeam JAP V Twin
I have the above motor cycle I bought it from its original owner in 1960 fully restored with all the factory extras from new i/e powell and hanmar gas lighting set ,footboards and leg shields etc it runs very well and has quite good brakes

Sat Sep 30 2006
johnsfaulk at
Original Sunbeam workshop manuals & parts books for sale
Hi i have some Sunbeam workshop manuals & parts books to sell. I have started putting them on ebay if any one is interested Regards John
Birmingham UK

Sun Aug 20 2006
ColinWynne123 at aoldot com<
motorcycle club
Sunbeam 250cc
I have been given a sunbeam motorcycle in bits, very rusty, and wish to restore. There is a number stamped on the frame 532. .104. any information on suitable club and maintenance books please
Wales UK

Tue Jun 27 2006
christine.e.greenway at btinternetdot com<
1932 Sunbeam 500 twin port
I would be grateful if anyone can tell me the thread for an extractor to remove a magneto sprocket please.
Somerset, England

Sat Jun 03 2006
pearsonmm at
Valve Train Info
1937 Sunbeam Model 9 500cc
Hi, seeking dimensions and profiles for valve train (4 gears in all) of the 500cc Model 9. Also cam follower sizes/profiles. Any help appreciated
Melbourne Australia
this shows the outside of the timing chest. Hope it comes through ok.
Regards Mike

Tue Apr 25 2006
amagallanez at
sunbeam s7
I have a 1955 sunbeam motorcycle that is needing some parts. where would I find parts for this?

Fri Mar 03 2006
chequeneglia at
Sunbeam, model and year or something!
Hi, I the owner of muy grandfather┬┤s bike, the only thing I know is that is a Sunbeam, but I need to know the model and year of the bike, and where can I found some manuals or something... thanks and best regards from Santiago of Chile, South America
Chile, South America

Tue Aug 23 2005
sorgenfri at haderslev.mail.teliadot com<
owners manual wanted
I`m the happy owner of a 492 ccm sunbeam mc 1928 and wonder if anybody has a manual for this specific bike in copy or original.

Tue May 24 2005
unpob at yahoodot com<
Sunbeam 1932 Model 9
I have this motorcycle, but it was updated with hydraulic forks. Wonder if girders are available anywhere and if BSA girders would be acceptable as well as wheel.
Your comments and your time are appreciated.
Thank you,

Sun May 22 2005
allenclan at ntlworlddot com<
sunbeam badge / plaque
I have come across a sunbeam m.c.c badge oval in shape about 12 cm wide. It is marked with P & M 1912 reg no. HS-424 PIONEER REGISTER . Could you give me some advice on it's history, thanks.

Thu May 19 2005
tfhart1 at
Sunbeam auto-cycle/auto-bicycle
I have in pieces what appears to be a old large bicycle with a motor in the rear hub. It has Sunbeam on the chain guard and I would like to find particulars of it on the Internet. It was last registered for road use in 1958. Can you help? Thanks Trevor F. Hart.

John Marston
John was born at Ludlow on May 6th 1836. In 1851 he became an apprentice with Edward Perry of Richard Perry, Son & Co., tinsmiths and japanners of Wolverhampton. He later founded Sunbeamland in Paul Street, and went on to manufacture the successful Sunbeam bicycles and motorcycles. John was Mayor of Wolverhampton from 1889 to 1891 and his son Charles was an enthusiastic archaeologist who received a knighthood in 1926.
From History Website UK

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