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Sunbeam 1934 Models

Sunbeam advertises its 1934 model range of 8 machines as meeting all rider requirements from 250cc to 600cc. This includes the factory's first 250cc capacity machines. The standard version has an OHV engine - but confusingly is called the 'Longstroke' (also referred to as the Model 14). The racing version is called the 'Little 95' and is a 250cc OHV version of another new introduction for 1934 - the Model 95.

The Model 95 and Little 95 are described as two new models 're-designed for speed'. The 500cc Model 95 is a replacement for the Model 90.

Otherwise, the 500cc and 600cc side-valve machines continue in production, as does the OHV 350cc Model 8 and Model 9 in 500cc and 600cc versions.

Cycle parts

Most chassis parts remain much as they were for the previous season. One of the few changes was to the design of the rear rack which occured during 1933 and was carried over for the 1934 range.


A new 4-speed Sunbeam gearbox was introduced with ratios suitable for solo and side car work. Marstons wrote, "...the new gearbox with its ratios carefully chosen for acceleration combines smoothness and silence with ease of operation."

A 3-speed gearbox remained an option for both the 250cc model and the 350cc Model 8.

1934 Model Range

Model 14, 250cc Longstroke
Model 8, 350cc
Lion Longstroke 500cc
Lion Longstroke 600cc
Model 9 500cc
Model 9 600cc
Model 95, 500cc OHV
Little 95, 250cc OHV