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Villiers was founded by John Marston & Son of Sunbeam in 1898, in Villiers Street, Wolverhampton, as a component manufacturer for Sunbeam motorcycles. Their first engine was built in 1911, and the first two-strokes, of 269cc, were produced in 1913.

Motorcycle manufacturers the world over utilised Villiers engines. An extensive list is available in this page: Villiers Marques

One of their more interesting engines was a horizontally opposed twostroke twin which was used in a DMW and in the Velocette Viceroy scooter.

Villiers also supplied engines to a host of agricultural machinery manufacturers including Atco Mowers, Clifford Cultivators and Howard Rotavators.

Villiers 9D
From the forums:
The 9D engine was made before, during and after WWII. 9D's are identified with either the pre-war letter system; AA, AAA or AAA***A as well as the three number system used after the war.
They stopped making the 9D in 1949. Most of the Villiers information from 1946-49 is lost.
At this time Villiers sold 9D engines to Eysink, Hulsmann, Sparta in Holland and Socovel in Belgium ...
Thanks to Bob McGrath

There was also an Australian factory in Ballarat, Victoria, where they built stationary engines and powerplants for motorcycles and lawn mowers.

More Villiers History

There is an excellent history of Villiers at History Website UK

mwiggans52 at gmail dot com
Villiers Motor Cycle Engine Identification.
Hello sir, I have 3 Villiers Engines which I wish to renovate as they belonged to my father and previously grandfather. I understand (from Sheldon’s EMU lists) that engine Ser No 631A correlates to an 8E 197cc engine from a DOT motorcycle. Unfortunately I cannot identify the other engines and was hoping you could assist me with this: Firstly, Engine 070E (photo below)doesn’t appear to be listed on Sheldon’s EMU:
this number 57285D has got me really confused, I hope you can kindly assist me in unraveling these mysteries.
Kind regards
Mick W

    Have had no success tracking down either number. Ed.
    Images posted to Comments.

latilbrook at
Villiers Engine Number Request
Thanks for the great website on Villiers. I have a 9E-4SFR with the engine number 750E24286. Are you able to help identify what vehicle this was originally fitted to? Not a motorcycle but maybe a microcar or snowmobile?
Lyndon Tilbrook

Sorry, have no information on a 9E-4SFR. Ed.
GBarton at
Dear Sir
I have had the attached two stroke engine for over 50 years. I was clearing the garage and I wanted to know what it was and approximate value.
The piston is removed and the bore oil coated- I recall doing this many years ago.
Can you advise where on it I would find a VIN number- This item as you are no doubt aware, fits to a conventional cycle. I used it for a while when I was young
Graham Barton, Bedfordshire

    Engine number should be on the cases, possibly near the joint at the rear just below the barrel. Cannot supply evaluation. Ed.
    Villiers-Autocycle-Barton.jpg posted to Comments.

leeverpr at
Salira 1956?
I've bought this Villiers engine, but the marking '560A' doesn't ring any bells.
It isn't even mentioned in the Villiers book, nor in your list..
Pascal Leever
The Netherlands

Given the lack of casting marks surrounding the number on the cases and the fact that "Villiers 560A" does not bring meaningful results in a search query, it is possible that the numbers were not the ones stamped by the factory.
Image posted to Comments.

ianparnell74 a t
J. A. Prestwich D415
Hi everyone.
Just bought one of these engines, and was curious to what it may have been fitted in?
Any information please....

D415 denotes an industrial application.
lukeboggis7480 at
Villiers star maker 2225h 291F
Hi I am trying to find out more about an engine I have been offered with the above numbers if possible

It seems it may be a stationary Starmaker, or perhaps even one destined for a Greeves 3-wheeler. There is a discussion here which may prove helpful:

alansparrow at
Villiers 8E
Hi, have engine No 338E. 8063 type 11E. Could you please help with any information on it. Many Thanks
Alan Sparrow
United Kingdom

Image posted to comments.
There is a discussion here which may prove helpful:

petertbryant1953 at
Villiers 197cc 6e/8e1950+
Hi. I have a villiers 197cc single 2 stroke engine which I would like to date and wondered if you might be able to help. It has a 6e 3speed gearbox but not sure if the engine is a 6e or 8e. The engine number stamped on the crankcase is: 671A. Any help in identifying this would be much appreciated. Thank you.
Peter Bryant
Shepton Mallet, Somerset, uk.

Sorry, have no data on #671A.
crozierfamily at
Villiers Mark 25A No 5831300 Do not know year.
Can you please tell me if the Mark 25 A can be run without a cowl and fan having fans in their place?
Albert Crozier
5 jan 2021
creekrock at
801 mark 2 16258
Hi there.
I'm wondering if you can tell me what the motor I have came out off.
Lloyd Holland
New Zealand

This page on Villiers ID numbers gives 801 for the Bown. Elsewhere the same sequence appears on a Sun. Images posted to Comments.
bobandmargaret_riep at
I have an old villiers engine and gearbox and would like to know the capacity and model number also which motorcycle was it fitted to. the numbers stamped into the engine casing are 514E and 83470E
Robert Riep
Phillip ACT 2606 Australia

    Quite likely it's from a DMW Deemster 249cc Twin.

tom.pellegrims at
Villiers pulman engine
I'am the proud owner of a Villiers two cylinder Pulman engine wich i plan to build in my La Mondiale motorcycle.
My question to you is do you have any documentation abaut this engine something like the electrical schema? anyway all information is welcome.
Thanks in advance , Best regards
tom pellegrims
coppercain at
Villiers 9A?
Hello. I have a question about trying to identify which year, model and cc rating villiers I have. First numbers on the block are stamped 27 then underneath on the left side of the casing. Then on the right side 9A then underneath 707. Any help would be amazing. Thanks in advance, Dan
Daniel Cain
Christchurch New Zealand
  • Do you know what type of motorcycle it is fitted to? Can you supply a photograph of the ID plate and frame number?

danpw86 at
dont know
could you possibly help me identify this engibe please? What model is it and what would it have been used in? Also which carburettor would I need to try and make it run when I restore it
Daniel Williams
lincolnshire, England

  • It may be an industrial engine. If there is a serial number stamped into the alloy crankcase this may help identify it. Images posted to Comments.

Matsharp700 at
Hi there, I recently bought a villiers engine and I don't know what it is model or year. I was wondering if you would be able to help me identify the engine. The engine serial number is 731B10316. Thank you.
Mathew Sharp
United Kingdom
  • Sorry, no results found for Villiers 731 engine.

lsheppard24 at
I would like to know the exact model of motorcycle , and where to get spares so i can restore it to original condition.
Lance Sheppard
South Africa

  • There is likely to be a frame number on the machine. That should help identify it.
    Villiers-SA.jpg image posted to Comments.

pwdobinson at
Viliers rotovator engine 867A 3371Z Mark 40
I have this engine and the rotorvator. I cannot find anything about the unit.
It needs renovating and I wanted to find the age etc
Hobart Tasmania
rnbuckles at
2T 228D-10157
Good day, Im Rick from Ricks motorcycle Services in Qld, Australia. I need to fully overhaul a T2 eng for a client. I'll need all parts please, pistons are stamped +020"
And big end on crank are shot, too much up/down play. Do you guys have complete motors or cranks, piston /barrel kits , all gaskets/seals. And upgrade electrics to electronic ignition, incl lighting unit,cdi, reg/rect? Thanx Rick
its a Viliers (De Villiers) Mark 2T 250cc Twin Cylinder 4speed 1961
I need to completely o/h the engine or if you have a complete engine for sale...and upgrade the electrics, eg electronic ignition if possible
Ricky Buckley
Queensland, Australia

  • This is an information site only, we do not sell anything. Sourcing a complete running engine would not be easy - nigh on impossible is my guess. There are several specialists for Villiers who may be able to help with the parts you require.

ovais.kohari at
Villers Deluxe Junior B5734 No XXE 1949 . Wan engine and Bike identification and any help in parts procurement and workshop manual
Ovais Kohari
Karachi Pakistan

  • Villiers-Junior-Deluxe-Oko images posted to Comments.

t.pijpker at
Villiers engine
I came into possession of a Villiers engine with the engine number 048B 44496 F. I would like to know for which type of motorcycle this engine is used. Many thanks in advance.Sincerely,
Taeke Pijpker
Stiens The Netherlands

  • Sorry, can find no record of an engine with the prefix 048B. Ed.

antonio.magana at
Villers Mark VIII-C
Dear mate,
I have a Villers Mark VIII-C engine I would like to restore. I don't know here is posible to find a piston or piston rings. I would like appreciate your support or guidance to find this important parts for my restauración
Antonio Magaña

paulb52machin at
villiers 147cc
Hello again, need help I have what I believe is a Villiers 147cc engine, there is no name on the engine anywhere inside or out, only makings are X4009 on the front of the engine, right side has CGT AND 5 stamped on it, barrel and head is one piece with X12 casted into the bottom of the barrel, magneto is on the left side and has extra coils showing that it would of had lighting pointing to the engine being off a motorbike and not a stationary or mower, also the carb is a early pre monobloc 1923 and it had a brass twist grip, very grateful of any help
paul machin
pembrokeshire, wales, uk

  • Villiers-147cc-Wales.jpg image posted to Comments.

bobthewoodcarver at
DMW, James or Dot or ?
I am looking to buy a Villiars engined bike preferably something rideable or restored 250cc or larger. I have a problem with my hip and I doubt I will ever restore another bike.
Bob Childers
United States

hans.schreil at
Villiers Engine Number 4203
Which Motor is it 170cc and Year of fabrication?
Frame Number is 1966
Conventy Eagle from 1928 possible
Hans schreil
Munich germany
  • Have no record of that number at present. Can you send clear image of the engine and frame numbers, and perhaps of the complete machine?

stanfranks at
1948 Villiers 3 speed hand gear change
Hi Sheldons
I have a scale model of British Motorcycles and cannot find Villiers. It was my first Bike.
Can you assist me please or supply photo showing hand gear change. Cheers Stan
Stan Franks

  • Try the list of manufacturers, above, which used Villiers engines - many have galleries which contain images showing the various gear change mechanisms typically attached to the fuel tank. Some have hand levers which attach directly to the gearbox.

asgardening at
Good Afternoon, I have been given an engine with the following numbers
295B. 13533
Would you be able to help me locating the model and registration number
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best wishes
Alan Smith
Romsey, Hampshire

Tue, 10 Apr 2018
leslie.south at<
Villiers Unknown

Require availability a coil no 25055 and its price Your sincerely
Les South
Norfolk United Kingdom

Mon, 12 Mar 2018
dupre8 at<

1. I have received a Villiers motorcycle engine about which I have virtually no information. 2. There appears a stamped identification number 7972323 on the left side of the crankcase. 3. Any information concerning my mystery engine that you could possibly share with me would be greatly appreciated. Regards,
Gerry Dupre
Richmond Settlement Canada

Please send images. Ed.

Tue, 15 Aug 2017
rotoreggie at<
unknown 1936

have you identified the motorcycle on your website Villiers lightweight twinport yet as I have one which looks very similar, don't know what it is, no tank. but it is a mid 30's 8D motor.

The interweb address is

The one I have is very similar, closest I’ve found so far, even the handlebars with bronzed on control mount is the same, as are the seat spring lugs. Has an 8D motor. I can get some photo’s to you of the frame if you want, no fuel tank. I can also do brake detail as it seems a bit different to most I’ve seen so far. I’m located in Australia.

Cheers Dave Edgar
Tarcutta NSW Australia

    There is discussion of this machine here, towards the bottom of the page. It has been identified as similar to, but not the same as, a James ML.

Thu Apr 13 2017 at<
Unknown Year
Sun ?
I have acquired a Sun motorcycle in a package deal from a collector.
I am unable to determine the exact year, VIN 801-4410. Image attached
Zurich Switzerland

He had a quick look and didn’t see any id plate, the number I gave you came off the engine.

Villiers 801 engines were fitted to the single speed Bown Auto Roadster model 2F built 1950-1952. As the Bown and Sun machines were very similar, it seems likely that your Sun is also a 50-52 model.

Feb 27th 2016
I am the owner of a Belgian motorcycle of the mark Ready with engine Villiers 125cc Mk 9D.
The Ready factory made only motorcycles from 1926 till 1940... More in the forums

Sun Jul 14 2013
is it worth restoring?
chell wolverhampton 1939 villiers 125
I want to know more about this bike I bought. mostly is it worth restoring and does it have any value. I can supply pictures later but its in decent shape. thanks
More information here...

Wed Nov 06 2013
I just got this loada crap from these people, How about u ?. they r gonna take legal action on everyone using the logo dont u know ?.

Wed Feb 20 2013
Identity of Villiers engine

I m Malith from Sri Lanka and I own Villiers engine. Its a hand gear engine, 125cc, twin exhaust. I don't know the model of it as I have only the engine no 364/7634
I bought the complete engine, flat steel girder fork, 2 wheels and the triple tree. Sadly bike's previous owner had sold the rest of the bike for iron.

Can any one help me find the identity of this engine.

Thank you
Sri Lanka

Fri Feb 22 2013
villiers 1942
i got a model of villiers with engine number B6262. Want so know some details about it .thanks .

Wed Jan 02 2013
trilux with villiers two stroke engine 1920/30?
villiers 2 stroke trilux
we have an invalid trilux three wheeled vehicle to do up, what engine is in it, all we know is its villiers..we have a picture of the cylinder head and part of the engine in frame on vehicle the cylinder head is flat horizontal lined spark plug in center. carb coming out at 90 degrees, looks like a two stroke valve or dempression valve on front of engine. we think exhaust has 3 cylinder bolts holding it on,the engine has fan on end of crankshaft for cooling,and engine has seperate belt to operate dynamo for lights. we want to try and replace near as poss to original engine.

Mon Sep 05 2011
petemjobson<at>aol dot com<
villiers 10E exploded diagram<
Francis Barnett Falcon 81 1958
I am struggling to find information for a newly purchased Falcon 81.
The points cam appearce to be missing but I don't have diagram of the 10E engine to check it out.
I would be very grateful if anyone can help me.
I want to use this bike, not look at it.
Looking forward to a reply from you villiers experts!!
Barnsley South Yorshire.

Sun Jul 03 2011
identification /year
Villiers 250cc/2 1/2 hp
I have an engine I'm to identify the number stamped on the head is B3710 and on the crank case B5141 The serial number appears to be 583 1300

Fri Jun 17 2011
info wanted
villiers junior deluxe
junior deluxe, one foot tall 98cc. eng 1552 ca 1940

Tue Jun 21 2011
Britain Villiers Year 1932
I need to sale this bike. If anyone interested this regard please contact me through my mobile no - 00974 33674724
Sri Lanka, Western Province, Kurunegala

Tue May 31 2011
antiquecycles<at>gmail dot com<
I still cant determine my exact model/year!
Villiers 9D
I have a Villiers 9D(?) It has the following numbers 539/30537 6, B3833, V4 and T37.
The head has one spark plug but has a port for another. I am told the motor came out of a James.
I would REALLY appreciate it if you could provide the year and type of this motor. A rough idea of factory HP would be great too! Any help is appreciated, thank you


Thu Jan 20 2011
islone<at>regionalgroup dot com<
Villiers Engine
Mark 9E 197cc Mark 9E 197cc
Does Villiers still manufacture the Mark 9E 197cc single cylinder engine and or are parts available?
Ottawa Canada

Sat Jan 15 2011
1924 New Comet
New Comet 147cc Villiers
Looking for an image of the New Comet logo or the style it is written so I can finish my New Comet tank. The two images are my bike as found, it needs the bottom tank tube removed and the tank lengthened back to its original size. The other photo is another bike that survives in NZ, but did not have the original script on its tank to copy, so was apparently done to suit.
Cheers for any info or a good photo of what is needed.
New Zealand


Tue Aug 10 2010
Villiers engine
Villiers around m1930
Can you help me finding out what year this engine was buildt ?
The marking on the engine is, Villiers B3833, and 761/41140.
Thanks in advance for your answer.

Best regards,
Stein-Rune Johansen

Dear Sir I would like to request permission to log on to the Villiers FAQ site as I have two unusual Villiers engines and would like to know their origin one I believe is from a Bond minicar the other is unknown best regards Allan
Allan e Mackay

Wed Apr 14 2010
Information on Villiers bike
Villiers Junior
Can you give me any information on a Villiers Junior bike. It doesn't seem to have the engine number in the location that you show in your information sheet?
I would like to know about when they were built ,if you can get parts ,local dealers that might be interested suppling them, approx. value.
I would be happy to send a picture but can't seem to atach to this message.
Thanks so much, Dick Davenport
Los Angeles California ,USA

Thank you for your reply, below are four pictures of the bike, taken from both sides, hope this helps.
Look forward to hearing from you.

Sun Apr 25 2010
motore villiers
villiers 4f
ho un motore villiers 4f 98cc nuovo ancora nella cassa di legno originale con libretto di istruzioni originale.che valore potrebbe avere se volessi venderlo?

Sat Apr 03 2010
\ 2 stroke engine (small) villiers it has numbers 246x
i just got this villiers small 2 stroke engine and was hoping you could identify it for me .i am based in brisbane australia.any information would be helpful ,thank you bryan callaghan
brisbane queensland australia
(images unsuitable for publication)

March 2010
Once was Villiers
MkI Villiers-engined snowmobile circa 1961

Sat Feb 20 2010
tyr.james3 at sky dot com<
villiers 10d & 6e engines
I have a very good operating instructions & spare parts list for the above stated models also Index mark on the book of NCV 274. could yuo tell me which vehicle this belongs to and what is this item worth? obviously if the vehicle still exists I would be only too glad to present it to the owner.
Many thanks Ty James

Tue Nov 17 2009
bob.jones796 at
Villiers engines
Several Several
Looking at your list of makes which used the Villiers engine, I can think of a few more. Cotton and Tandon motor cycles and DKR scooters for example.

Mon Jul 13 2009
ecoveg at
engine parts
villiers 116979
I would like to know how is the representative Villiers in Portugal, I
have a engine that needs
some parts

  • Please try both the Villiers directory and the forums for parts resources.
    Villiers Directory

Tue Jun 09 2009
sugs66 at hotmail dot com<
Villiers engine
francis Barnett Falcon
Hi There,I was wondering if there is a number to contant you on In regard to finding a kick start lever for my 3 speed engine.Cheers Angus
New Zealand

Sat Feb 14 2009
villiers headlamp
MC tempo transport 1950 ,villiers 125cc
i want some parts for my old villiers headlamp on my Tempo transport 1950 ...
Continued under Electrics

Sat Dec 27 2008
aboyd007 at nc.rr dot com<
Trying to find:
Ambassador 197 Villers Engine
I am trying to find a small motorcycle with a villers 197cc engine. A James was one name, I owned a Ambassador with a girder front fork in 1950's a great little bike. Anyone know where I can find one, basket case ok.

Tue Dec 09 2008
m.ferguson949 at btinternet dot com<
villiers kaddet
can you supply amanual
 for a 1950s villiers

Tue Nov 25 2008
jshore83 at
Villiers Mk20, Mk25 Operating instructions & Spares list
eng. 051A11603A Chassis. 2368/339
I have been given the contents of my fathers shed. In a box of paperwork i found 2 booklets, both of which are Villiers operating instructions & spare parts list (2 seperate versions). 1 of them has a beige cover with sticker stating "Due to increased costs of materials all prices in this list are advanced by 10% as from January 1st 1951, until further notice. The Villiers engineering co.,Ltd., Wolverhampton." The other has a green & red cover but inside the front cover is a list of Australian Villiers dealers. This I believe indicates that the beige one is British & green & red is Aussie, am i wrong?

Wed Nov 12 2008
astonsoo2 at
Bike transfers
villiers 1924 belt drive
I need a complete set of transfers for this motorcycle, can you help.

birminghan. England

Try this page:

Mon Nov 24 2008
bobmcgrath21 at hormail dot com<
Villiers motorcycle
Could you please tell Sue A of Birmingham that Villiers never sold a complete motorcycle. They sold power units only. Her 1924 Villiers motorcycle is really one of many makes powered by Villiers. If she were to provide a photo and the frame number we could probably identify what make of motorcycle it is.

I know Villiers made engines not only for motorcycles, they also fitted lawnmowers with the same power unit......however! The documentation clearly states the bike as being a 'sunvilliers' to which I have not been able to locate any written information (a book) , but, having seen the 1923 waratah shown in an australian museum, which is an identical bike, I was hoping if there was any written information available your side of the pond you could give me an address or e-mail address to help me along my way.


As you have suggested that the bike is a Sun Villiers, and those machines are very similar to the Waratah, then my guess is that that's what you have.

Sun Tue Nov 25 2008
Bobmcgrath21 at hotmail dot com<
Hi again, Sue A,
The Sun Cycle & Fittings Co of your home town Birmingham, were a major supplier of frame components to the motorcycle trade including Australia from 1911. They supplied the trade for many years finally fading away in the late 1950's. Amongst others they supplied Waratah which is why the Waratah looks familiar. Sun transfers are available from the English VMCC.

Sun Motorcycles

Mon Oct 13 2008
david.jill.edmunds at
villiers motor or crankcase
villiers II E
I am looking for a villiers 2E motor or failing that just the crankcase for such a motor. any thoughtsp

Sun Mar 02 2008
kurt-ove.ingesson at telia dot com<
spares to Sweden
Villers 197cc Villiers 197cc 1950
Hello! I am trying to find spares for a Villiers 197cc. I wonder if you have a list of spareparts (both new and used)that you can mail me? In particular I am looking for a kickstarter, the electrical system and carburatorparts. What do you estimate the cost for shipping to Sweden would be? If you can't help me -do you know of any other firm that might be able to assist me?
Sincerely, Kurt-Ove

    This is not a dealer site, but a place to exchange information. Ed.

Sun Jan 06 2008
thenaghag at
cheetah 1967
Do you have any info on this model. I know that it was privately built in Winchester Hampshire England. Built as a trials bike with a 250cc villiers engine.
southampton hants

Mon Sep 24 2007
remima at
Motor Villiers Junior
Serial # xxa 39319
Can you get me more info about this motor
Cyl: Villiers de luxe Junior# B5764
Thanks Rene Martin
Los Angeles USA

Thu Aug 23 2007
robinastard at aol dot com<

Can you please id this villiers engine. Crankcase 374a with 1184 beneath and 1w11 also cylinder has cast marks b7095/1 and zd or 12d or 1zd or 2d with 5 underneath it is bolt on gearbox type [missing] and 13 fin cylinder with 17 fin head some cut away sparkplug hole on rhs with a blank for what [undrilled on lhs thanking you in anticipation rob

Engine Model 7E
197cc Made( 53-56) BorexStroke( 59 X 72) Rotor(R117) Armature(A124) Carb( S24/25)
Francis Barnett:: 62 64 72 76

Sat Jun 30 2007
smithc793 at aol dot com<
villiers 2stroke single
serial no C3144
hi, this is all i know .i think its a 1920s mark v.269cc any info would be great.
leicester uk

Mon May 07 2007
DMW with Villiers Engine 1953-1956
Recently acquired a Villiers 7E motor w/4 speed gearbox trying to find its origin. The forward crankcase reads 660A. Roy Bacon's Villiers Singles and Twins shows the 659A belonging to a '55 Mk5 Motocross....

Moved to DMW section

Sat May 05 2007
ken.elliott3 at btopenworld dot com<
villiers singles and twins

hi i have book by roy bacon, villiers singles and twins. covers all ambassadors. not for sale, but am willing to help anyone with queries on these bikes. ken

April 5th 2007
From the wayback machine:
Villiers 31C/2L/3L/9E/10E/11E/21A/33A/34A/35A/36A/37A

This is more or less the engine fitted to my 1966 Greeves Anglian (24TGS). The Anglian used the 37A engine, which has an alloy barrel and head made by Greeves and is covered in a seperate parts book. Villiers engines were also used in many other british lightweights.

Sun Mar 18 2007
hans.wullink at
Villiers engine with tankshift
hello,as a gift i become a villiers engine eand now i,d like to now what year it is en under what frame it belongs.
text on the engine is :
Villiers pat no: 45402735
On the cilinder: villiers 83833
gearbox 796/36049
I hope someone can help me

Greetings from Hans / Netherlands

Sun Feb 11 2007
okrobert at
engine id YEAR NAD TYPE
villiers 98 cc
I have a villiers engine with the following numbers stamped on the case 132x4304.
I am trying to find what year this was made in and what 4304 means
I beleive that could have been built in Ballarat Victoria
Fri Feb 16 2007
bobmcgrath21 at

Unknown Villiers engine
If okrobert was to contact ronwiley at iinet, he could probably help. He is very knowledgeable on Villiers industrial engines. Cheers, Bob

Fri Feb 09 2007
paulchesher at
Villiers Junior Delux engine - spare parts
villiers Junior delux 98cc
My name is Paul Chesher and I am the proud owner of a Malvern Star Autocycle that is powered by a Villiers Engine - Junior deluxe 98cc.

I have been restoring it for a number of years and am nearly finished. I need some bits to complete the project and I was hoping that you could point me in the right direction to buying the bits I need. These are:

o Compression release valve mechanism<
o Head - I have a head but I may need a new head to ensure the release valve mechanism fits correctly. (I suspect the stud pattern will be the same)
o Clutch mechanism (bridge, lever adjuster etc)

That will get me going and later on I will need a headlight etc.

Can you help me?


Brisbane australia

Mon Jan 15 2007
bevanbergie at hotmail dot com<
villiers xiic
I am after a piston to fit the xiic

Try the engine parts section of bikelinks - there are vintage piston manufacturers listed there, I believe. Engine_Parts/

Wed Jan 10 2007
possible Viliers f4 / f6 engine?
frame No:WMC384H; Engine No:739A18795: Reg Plate: MZ 9003. Northern Ireland

Listed under Mystery Bikes

Sun Dec 17 2006
bobmcgrath21 at hotmail dot com<
Villiers Midget
Villiers used the term "Midget" to cover a wide range of 98cc engines, including industrial engines. Tell us the full engine number and we can possibly tell you what sort of Midget you have. Bob

Fri Dec 15 2006
willann at
Engine application
Villiers Midget
I have just finished restoring a Villiers Midget.And I am now trying to find out what Motorcycles or Autocycles it was used in.Regards Martin

The Midget engine was used in the Swedish Rex marque, and in numerous motor mowers. It was also used in the Rytecraft Scootacar built by the British Motor Boat Manufacturing Company in King's Cross, London from 1934 until sometime before the outbreak of WWII. These diminutive beasties were capable, on a good day, of a scorching 15mph. Ed.

Thu Dec 07 2006
sc-marine at
villiers mark 6e
wickham railway trolley
i have a villiers mark 6e motor and require a new clutch assy or repair kit
[friction marerial ) are parts like this still available and who or where has some
thanking you in advance
steve carman
western australia

Fri Sep 29 2006
jerryshine at gmail dot com<
Villers sprite
I am trying to restore an old 1950's villiers grasstrack belonged to my father. I am looking for any spares or info that might help.any help is appreciated.
Theank you.

Sun Jul 02 2006
vcole at execulink dot com<
engine #
hi, i have a villiers motor with the number 94922874 stamped on yhr mount and b70d5 stamped on thr cyl also fk2 stampewd on other side of cyl . any help on id would be greatlt recivied. thanx . i was told it was a francis barnett , but i'm not sure that is correct.

This page on Villiers Engine Numbers is the only source I have for such information, but I don't think the numbers you have supplied will appear here. Ed. thanx with your info , i found out it's a 1949 ambassador. the motor is all there , great condition . , has comp. and looks like it will run . frame is great shape , well painted , no rust . but missing fenders , lights , front brake cable .. . any idea what these things are worth ? thanx again for your time . you helped a great deal.

Thu Jun 01 2006
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Villieres engine specs
model 25A 2 cycle
I am boring it .050 over. What is the clearance for the piston? Thanks.
Renton, Washington USA

Sun May 21 2006
I have a motorcycle with a villiers engine type 9E s# 455B/2452 and on the frame #H560339...
Listed under Mystery Bikes

Wed May 03 2006
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Villiers Stationary engines
Mark 10
I have two engines - MK 10 -seriel numbers 706/7827A - made in Wolverhampton and another 151X42381 made in Ballarat. ould you please tell me year of manufacture
Sunshine Coast. Queensland - Aus

Wed Mar 08 2006
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Villies Engine Type 2T
What Bikes Used This Engine ...

Wed Jan 18 2006
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hi im in need of your help
hi i have 2 old chainsaws with villiers engine ,is there anywhere or one who would know about my saws ,etc parts price ,many thanks rob

Fri Nov 18 2005
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villiers sunwasp scooter
I am trying to locate a Villiers Sunwasp scooter ...

Wed Nov 09 2005
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what petrol would a classic 1960 villiers two stroke engine require

October 2005
subject: villiers 6e motor spare parts
Email: kandshawkins at dodo dot com<
message: chasing a kick start worm for gearbox and needle and jet for a type 4/5 villiers ...

Wed Sep 28 2005
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Engine Specifications
I am currently looking at reconditioning a villiers motor....

January 23rd 2005
Villiers Magazines on Ebay UK

Vendor's Description: "Villiers The magazine is dated January 1958 and is A4 in size, is approx 33 pages long and is printed in b/w text with great b/w drawings and photos.
Articles include
Development of the Villiers group of companies new factories & plant.
The country comes to town J.A.P. & Villiers join together to show their stuff on the 1957 Smithfield Show stand. Featuring Allen & Simmonds Horti-Culto, Barford Scythe, Danarm DD8F Chainsaw, Clifford Cultivator plus lots more.
Villiers Lightweights for 1958 including the Ambassador Supreme Twin, & Statesman, Sun Wasp, Norman B1/S, Panther Model 35 Sports, & Model 10, James Captain, Sun Overlander and Dot Mancunian.
All British Scooter Industry Expands featuring the D.M.W. Bambi, D.K.R. Dove & Pegasus, Phoenix One-Fifty, Mercury Pippin and Sun Geni.
Villiers & J.A.P. Executives get together for a good old knees up!
Villiers 1956 Earls Court Show.
The 2 Stroke Domination featuring Greeves Fleetwing, Mercury Grey Streak, Francis Barnett Cruiser 75, James Comet, Excelsior Skutabyke, Dot/Norman 197cc.
More all British Scooters featuring Mercury Dolphin, Dayton Albatross, Sun Geni, Phoenix One-Fifty!
Auto-cycle review.
Cheap family motoring with the Bond Minicar, A.C. Petite, Vernon Gordon, and Breutsch.
Villiers powered machinery on show at the Public Works Exhibition featuring the Pegson Pump, Baxtul Screed, Aerostyle Roadliner, Warsop road drill, Landmaster Kestrel plus lots more!"