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Motorcycles at the 1922 Olympia Show

NOVEMBER 23rd, 1922. Page 766
The Olympia Show.


See Radco for 1923


Stand 136.

For years Scott enthusiasts have been asking for a three-speed gear, and although the water-cooled two-stroke twin "pulls" very well on a comparatively high ratio, the request was probably justifiable from the sidecarists.

Next year the standard 532 c.c. Scott will be definitely obtainable with a three-speed gear, but the 481 c.c. Squirrel remains very much as before. However, the performance of the latter machine in the T.T. (when it finished 3rd and 4th) proved that there is not much to complain about with it in its standard form. The new three-speed model is described fully elsewhere.


Stand 137.

250 c.c. and 550 c.c. light-weights are the speciality of the Sparkbrook Manufacturing Co.

Four well-known proprietary engines are employed in the various models - 247 c.c. and 347 c.c. Villiers, 348 c.c. super-sports J.A.P., and 349 c.c. sleeve valve Barr and Stroud.

Various forms of transmission, from direct belt drive and single gear to all-chain drive with a three-speed box, are offered, and the prices are moderate.


Stand 138.

The Edmund has a system of suspension which gives the advantages of a spring frame without many of its disadvantages. Only the rider is sprung, the saddle and footboards or footrests being inter-connected and free to move up and down against a long leaf spring.

Extreme neatness in appearance is a feature of the design that makes the Edmund one of the handsomest light-weights of to-day.

Side-valve and o.h.v. Blackburne engines are chiefly used, and a very attractive sporting sidecar outfit will be staged.


Stand 139.

There is little need to comment on the Morgan, which is practically unchanged for next year except in price. It occupies very nearly a class by itself, and its owners are almost invariably enthusiasts regarding its capabilities.

1923 prices have been announced as follows: Standard, £135; de luxe, £155; family, £165. Water-cooled Morgans, including the racy-looking Grand Prix type, cost slightly more, the prices enumerated being for air-cooled J.A.P. or Blackburne engines.

The Motor Cycle, November 1922

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