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Stanley Show 1903 p798

The Princeps Motor Bicycle.

The Princeps motor bicycles and forecarriages that are being exhibited at the Stanley Show by Messrs. J. E. Hutton, Ltd., 8i, 83, Shaftesbury Avenue, will be in four models, comprising 2¼ h.p. single cylinder belt driven, 2¼ h.p. single cylinder chain driven, 4 h.p. twin cylinder belt driven, 4 h.p. twin cylinder chain driven, and a Princeps forecarriage.

Princeps 1903-05

The Raglan Cycle Co.

The Raglan Cycle and Anti-friction Ball Co., Ltd., inform us that they will exhibit on their stand at the Stanley Show a motor bicycle of the most approved and up-to-date construction, and they also claim that in designing this machine their primary aim has been to provide a frame which will be of such strength...

Continued: Raglan 1903-1915

The Riley Cycle Co., Ltd.

One of the chief features on this stand will be the New Riley Moto Bi, in which the inclined engine of old has been discarded, and the now more popular vertical position adopted. This is effected by a patented attachment, the design possessing distinct merits. A special engine will be fitted, made expressly for them by the Riley Engine Co., of Coventry, embodying all those points which are so much sought after, viz., narrow crank case, in conjunction with bearings of great width, and valves of substantial proportions, which we may mention are mechanically-operated on a system recently patented by the Riley Engine Co. The Riley Moto Bi will be made in the following sizes, 2¼ h.p., 3 h.p., and 3½ h.p., which latter is specially designed for forecar use, and which, may be had either with fan or water-cooling, The company is exhibiting two new designs of forecars, and sidecars, completing a most comprehensive programme for the coming season.

Riley 1899-1906

Robinson and Price, Ltd.

Robinson and Price, Ltd., will occupy the same stand as last year, where their motor bicycle will again be on show, but with many improvements in detail. Several 2¼ and 2¾ h.p. bicycles will be exhibited, the noticeable features of which will be the fitness of design in the vertical engine built into the frame — large diameter straight tubes, strong forks, large ball bearings, and new contact breaker.

Robinson and Price 1902-06

The Simms Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

This exhibit will consist of one 3½ h.p. motor bicycle, fitted with the firm's well-known magneto ignition system, also several 2¾ h.p. machines fitted with 1904 Simms motors, these latter possessing several improvements over those of last year's pattern. A 3½ h.p. motor cycle will also be exhibited, built up with Chater-Lea fittings, with Simms engine and Mills and Fulford forecarriage. In addition to the above will be shown a complete magneto machine, with rotary movement, driven by means of a chain off the half-speed shaft. This will generate a high tension current, no coil being required, and an ordinary sparking plug being used. The makers state that with this apparatus the ignition is capable of being advanced and retarded to the same extent as when using the ordinary high tension system.

Simms Manufacturing Co

South British Trading Co., Ltd.

In addition to a large line of motor cycle accessories, this company will have on exhibition the Vindec Rapid motor cycle, a new machine possessing a number of novel features. The famous F.N. engine and carburetter are used, which for finish and simplicity are unsurpassed. The engine is a 2¾ h.p. 70 mm. x 80 mm., set vertically in a specially constructed frame, built to stand vibration without weakening the joints. The forks are very substantial, being built up in a special trussed form, making breakage at this point impossible.

Vindec Special (VS) 1903-1914

The Motor Cycle, November 18th, 1903. Page 798