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Ancillotti Motorcycles

Made in Italy 1965 to 1985
A Brief History of the Marque

Founded by Ernesto Ancillotti in the 19th century, the firm built motor carriage for public transportation shortly after the turn of the century. After the second world war, his son began a repair workshop in Florence.

From 1965 they produced quality 50cc to 250cc trials and motocross machines which were also marketed under the Scarab banner. They used engines from Morini, Hiro, Sachs and Tau.

Ancillotti Models include:

  • Beta RG-CR 50cc 1968-1973

    Hiro RG-CR 125cc 1977-1981

    Hiro RG-CR 250cc 1977-1981

    Minarelli 6M 50cc 1980-1982

    Minarelli RG-CR 80cc 1981-1982

    Minarelli RG-CR 80cc 1983-1985

    Morini New Cento 100cc 1967-1969

    Morini RG 50cc 1973-1975

    Morini RG 50cc 1976-1979

    Morini RG 50cc 1980-1982

    Polini 75cc 1976-1978

    Sachs CR-196M 50cc 1972-1979

    Sachs RG-195M 50cc 1970-1979

    Sachs RG-CR 125cc 1971-1976

    Tau CR 125cc 1982-1985

    Tau RG 125cc 1982-1985

    Trial 50cc 1976-1978

    Trial 125cc 1976-1978

    Villa RG 250cc 1981-1982

Fri Oct 26 2007
flinkmotors at hotmaildot com
Hello.Here is my Ancillotti 50cr 1977.The engine are a 50cc sachs gs six-speed tuned maybe 13hk.Here in sweden we race on these bikes on weekends.
Greetings Christer.

Ancillotti  50CR 1977.jpg
Ancillotti 50CR 1977

Mon Feb 06 2006
carlosnogueira at telefonica.net
I need all information of Acillotti posible

March 27, 2001
Hi; I have a dirt bike Ancillotti year 1981, with Motori Minarelli engine. I would be very happy, if you could send me any information or pictures of this bike. I must say that this kind of bike is very powerful, and it goes about 95 Kmh. Thanks a lot. -- simon.sustar at siol.net

August 26, 1999
I'm trying to trace the logo/trademark of Ancillotti, makers of scooter seats and exhaust systems. I am producing some decorative panels for a new bar in Bath (based on the theme of scooters); having found artwork for all the other makes, Lambretta etc., I seem to have drawn a blank on Ancillotti - can you help, or put me in touch with anyone who might be able to?
Regards -- Pete Campbell -- pjc at communart.demon.co.uk

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