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AJS 1928 K12 with Wicker Sidecar


AJS 250cc K12 Sidevalve Single

The K12 was designed for general work and was aimed at both male and female customers, and with its light weight and low saddle position was deemed especially suitable for women.

It features total loss lubrication and a three-speed, hand-change gearbox, and although its limited power output would have provided only modest performance people had lower expectations regarding the performance of motorcycles and motor vehicles in the 1920s. Roads were mostly unsealed and rutted and the quality of petrol commonly available was not high.

This 1928 combination features a wicker sidecar and a flat fuel tank from the final year before AJS introduced saddle tanks in 1929. It has had a complete restoration carried out some years ago, and was purchased for the NZ Classic Motorcycles collection via Yesterdays of the Netherlands in January, 2009.

Photographed in Nelson at New Zealand Classic Motorcycles

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