AJS Motorcycles

AJS Stormer

Estimate: (£) 3,000 - 4,000
Body Colour:Yellow / Chrome

The Stormer emerged from the ashes of the once great AJS marquee to add another chapter to the company's illustrious history. The machines origins can be traced to a 250 c Starmaker powered racing motorcycle built by Peter Inchley in 1966. The success of the machine in securing a third a place finish at that years TT prompted its further development for 1967, now badged as an AJS which resulted in a production version together with a scrambler being introduced for the that season. The works scramblers achieved some good results during the 1968 prompting the factory to concentrate on the off road machines for 1969. The scrambler was now typed the Y4 and was joined by a trials machine which survived until the end of 1969 leaving the Y4 and its deritives to carry the AJS badge into the seventies. Eventually the AJS name and the rights to the design were purchased by Fluff Brown who continued to produce the machine until the early eighties. The increase in classic moto cross has seen resurgence in the Stormer's fortunes with the machines returning to and winning on the track.

This example is presented to a very high standard having been restored before entering the private collection.
Image and description kindly supplied by H&H Classic Auctions