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BMW 1927 R39

The BMW R 39 was a street motorcycle produced by the German company BMW from 1925 to 1927 .
It was the first single-cylinder produced by the Bavarian . In 1924, the BMW began development of a new 250- cc motorcycle . The R39 was presented in Berlin in December of the same year. With the exception of the R39 engine did not differ significantly from the two-cylinder R-37 , and this created problems with production costs. The retail price was 1,870 Reichsmarks , so that at the end of production in 1927, only 855 copies had been built .

The R- 39 did not have a true heir. Several years later, in 1931, BMW introduced a new single-cylinder , R 2. It was a 200 cc model and touristic vocation as well as all the models that replaced it . In 1925 , the debut year on the market, with JOSEF STELZER R 39 won the victory in the 250cc class in DEUTSCHE MOTOR CYCLE - STRASSENMEISTERSCHAFT( German national championship ) organized by the DMV . The R- 39 was designed as the largest R 37 , especially considering the performance engine , a vertical single cylinder 247 cc , had measures " square " . The distribution was OHV , while the power was entrusted to a BMW Spezial 20mm carburetor . The output power of 6.5 bhp at 4,500 rpm, it was enough to make her reach 100 km/ hour.
Simply wonderful BMW R 39.
Very Rare . Motorcycle of high historical value.
German documents . Year 1927.
Only 855 units produced .

Courtesy Bretti Brothers

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