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1958 BMW R50

1958 BMW R50
Engine Number: Correct Frame Number: Correct
$28,000 - $38,000

Bayerische Motoren Werke is known in English as the Bavarian Motor Works or, more simply, as BMW. BMW created its first horizontally opposed twin engine in 1920. It offered a wildly smooth performance and BMW has defended and advanced the standing of this signature design ever since.BMW created its first range of inherently well-balanced R models in 1955. Although not a radical departure from BMW’s flagship design, this model was fitted with the somewhat-unconventional and modern swinging fork rear suspension for the first time. The front end also boasted the ‘Earles Fork’ system which offered a new level of handling characteristics and added to BMW’s reputation as a designer of intelligent machines that were underscored by a well-lit level of quality. BMW set the standard for its day and continues to build some of the most-famous motorcycles in the world. This R50 is in a well-maintained condition: not flawless cosmetically but with good mechanics and a smooth running engine. This bike has matching numbers. This BMW R50 underwent a full crankshaft-up restoration to an all-original condition, including transmission, final drive, tyres, brakes and electrical system, and a complete paint and pinstriping procedure. Recently imported and prepared for sale, this machine is in good running order.

Auction March 2013
Image and text courtesy Webbs Auction House NZ
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