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Douglas 1931 T6 Combination

Registration no. HE 5596 Frame no. YP1441 Engine no. EQ2074
Sold by Bonhams, August 2008

Freddie Dixon designed the S5 and S6 models which were presented at the 1929 Olympia Show. Known as the "Dixon Douglases", the machines became well known for their quietness and refinement. Of advanced design, they featured sidevalve engines with detachable cylinder heads, fully enclosed valvegear, dry-sump lubrication, cast-in inlet manifolding for better cold starting, gear-driven "pancake" dynamo and unusually long service intervals. The S5, S6 and the touring T6 proved strong and reliable performers and were soon the top sellers in the Douglas range.

Equipped with Douglas sidecar, this T6 motorcycle combination once formed part of the private collection Brian Frank, a well known and widely respected collector and restorer late of Yorkshire. Restored around 1980, the Douglas had been in the Frank family's ownership for many years.

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The museum formerly at Napier housed an extraordinary collection. It has moved to the home of the World's Fastest Indian.

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